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Brighton Men's&Ladies' Bracelet and Strap Watches Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Watches

Brighton make men's and ladies' quartz watches, dividing them into small collections much like they do with their jewelry. The timpieces, round, oval, square, or tonneau shaped, display a white face (except a few rare models), and classic dial configuration: black, slender baton hands, and matching Arabic numerals.

Most of the “action” takes place on the bracelets and the bezels. Here Brighton import their trademarks scrollwork, etching, and openwork artfulness; themes witnessed previously on the necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings reappear here and unexpected, refreshing turns. Some of the collections (currently in production) include Galveston, Shetland, Terrassa, Balboa, Hamilton, Cherry Hill, Tuscany, Varna, and others. Let's examine the designs more closely.

Copyright Brighton
Copyright Brighton

Reversible Watches

Can't repeat what Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso or Tag Heuer Monaco watches do – but this kind of mechanical sophistication was never Brighton's goal. Instead, the company seeks to invent new, original, asymmetrical design ideas, in this case producing a two-tone strap.

Dark, blackish shade marks one side of the leather strap, and lighter, brownish shade the other. A simple yet bold design that no watchmaker has apparently thought of before. Lateral thinking!

Swarowski Crystals

Brighton continue to invade spaces most watchmakers deem untouchable – this time using the faces as a decorative plateau where they plant Swarowski crystals in various floral configurations. The flowers usually bloom at six o'clock – apparently the side closes to the sun – and add a touch of play, fun, and color to the timepieces.


Require a separate mention. Watch bracelets demand an approach that differs from jewelry, and the brand's designers know how to take it, accentuating the timpiece itself as a new type of “pendant.“ Such lines as Short Hills, Malibu, and Ontario feature modular chains, to which charms or beads can be added.


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