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Brighton Silver/Crystal/Gemstone Catalog Jewelry Complete Review-Guide

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Jewelry

Brighton is a well known ladies' accessories brand that makes handbags, wallets, watches, jewelry, eyewear, and other fashion products. The company takes pride in its assortment range, and calls itself a "head to toe" firm -- namely, it offers matching products that cover several fashion needs at once, eliminating the need to resort to other brands.

Another detail the company mentions about itself is the design process. Unlike many mass producers, Brighton insist on an old-fashion approach where a single designer develops an idea and nurtures it into a finished product, following it throughout the entire manufacturing process. Such close attention resembles the almost forgotten tradition of custom made ordering. Brighton jewelry is sold across hundreds of stores across the U.S., and, of course, on eBay.


As a company that aims to make affordable jewelry, Brighton employ a short list of materials that would always meet the main design principles. The materials include sterling silver, Swarowski crystals, and other stones and alloys. Emphasis is put on richness of ornamentation, on various techniques conveying graceful linear movement, and balanced compositions instead of on luxurious metals or gems.


Brighton jewelry can show significant differences across the seasons and various collections. There are, however, general traits that recur year after year, becoming in effect the brand's distinctive features. Let's see more closely what these are.

  • Ornamentation leaves its mark on many metallic items, often becoming the main decorative element, but sometimes playing the supporting role -- of the crystals, for instance. Ornament ranges from painting on the alloy surface to deep incisions.

  • Light grace stands out as another main motif: it's difficult to pinpoint why, how, and where exactly, but the overall impression is unmistakable. This quality is particularly important because Brighton often incorporate unspecified alloys to keep the prices in check. Those necklace chains need that grace as a counterbalance.

  • Balance is an extension of grace -- but is also more than that. For instance, unlike some Lia Sophia jewelry, which can be gleefully chaotic, Brighton designs are almost always carefully restrained, remaining expressive at the same time.


The company makes necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, charms, bracelets, anklets, and watches (among other items). Most of the pieces have a matching counterpart that together form a set -- in line with the "head to toe" policy. The sets are given names, some of which have become very familiar among collectors: Uptown Classic, Go Lightly, Big Smile Petite, Caramelo, Secret of Love, Encanto Hoop are just a few of these titles.

  • Necklaces are among the most popular jewelry pieces Brighton manufacture, eBay listing around 1500 items daily. The necklaces usually comprise a delicate chain, or several chain rows, a lobster claw lock that in itself acts as a decoration, and crystals or semi-precious stones. The latter may appear as a pendant, or as accents across the chains.

  • Bracelets make up another highly popular category; similar to necklaces, they embody the characteristics of grace and balance, whether it's the wider bangles or the various thinner models. There's an important difference between these two kinds, however. Bangles, being solid and firm, depend on their ornament (enamel painted or etched) for aesthetic effect, which can be casual, dressy, mysterious, or other. Chain based bracelets are more flexible, and often include miniature dangling drops of jewelry, a feature suggesting a sexy and flirtatious mood.

  • Anklets are the smaller cousins of the bracelets: a small category that borrows the sexy and playful motifs of the chain bracelets, and reorders them to fit a girl's ankle. Appropriately, the dangling charms are often shaped as little hearts.

  • Earrings demonstrate Brighton's invention, and how little materials a designer needs when in possession of creativity. Dozens of designs -- metal or crystal (or pearl) based, botanical, geometrical, modern, antique, drop, hoop, wire -- constitute a rich department that strives to satisfy every taste in jewelry.

  • Rings are another relatively small category that's notable for its use of such gemstones as topaz and amethyst. More recent creations tend to employ Swarowski crystals, so the gemmed pieces might be harder to find.

  • Charms include such surprising designs as a suitcase or a camera, along the more familiar flower or heart shaped pieces. Moreover, as the necklaces, the bracelets, and the anklets demonstrate, charms play an essential part in Brighton jewelry making; they can be added to different items, and reveal a creative approach, encouraging ladies to incorporate them in other pieces.

  • Pendants allow Brighton to focus on the pendant necklace segment. The central jewels completely dominate these pieces, and once again attest to the variety in this brand: various ornamented alloys, large gemstones, floral motifs are only some of the themes and materials used here.

  • Watches , especially fashion pieces, habitually blend mechanical engineering with style and design: Brighton watches reflect this trend, being both jewelry and timers.


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