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Brioni Suits

Updated on November 6, 2012

The New Styles of Brioni

It was back in 1945 that the house of Brioni first opened its doors to the general public. At that time, two young men determined that they would make their house into one of the best fashion houses in the world.

When these two men started this house, their focus was on Brioni suits and for many decades they remained true to this goal. However, as the industry changed, they realized that the needs of their clients did as well. With this in mind, Brioni decided to expand.

One of the major changes that happened to this house occurred in the 1990s. It was during this decade that they purchased a number of new facilities. This acquisition included one, which would allow them to produce an entire line of leather goods. Brioni not only ventured into the area of creating garments and men’s accessories, which were made from leather, they produced many of the leathers themselves.

One of the items which Brioni began to create was shoes. As with everything which bears the name of Brioni, the shoes are crafted from only the very best materials.

Items to Wear with Brioni Suits

Owning and wearing a Brioni suit is truly an experience. These suits are considered to be at the top of the fashion world. If you are lucky enough to own one of these garments, you will definitely need to have the right accessories to go with it.

What compliments a Brioni Suit?

A Brioni Tie

For more than thirty years Brioni has been creating its own line of ties. To the layman, a tie is often seen as being a simple garment. However, those in the industry know better.

Ties, like the ones produced by Brioni, are frequently made from at least six pieces of material. These pieces are carefully sewn together to ensure that the finished garment will be virtually flat. Additionally, a well made tie will be lined. The lining does more than just hide any raw edges or seams. It adds weight and helps to ensure that the tie retains its shape.

Manufacturers, who mass produce ties, often do not bother to put in any kind of lining. These ties have a tendency to stretch and/or curl. They may also pull apart at the side seams, due to being improperly cut.

Brioni Shirts

Any shirt, which has the name of Brioni on the tag, will be one of quality. Brioni takes the same amount of care with its shirts as it does with its suits.

The shirts are made of the very best fabrics be it pure cotton or a satiny, smooth silk. To ensure that their shirts appeal to a wide range of clients, this fashion house designs shirts using materials of different colors, shades and textures. They offer garments with bold stripes and striking plaids.

Suit Jacket Options

Brioni creates all kinds of suits. They understand that each person has their own shape and their own tastes. Even if you cannot afford to have either a bespoke suit or a custom made one, there are still many options which are available to you as a buyer.

Some of these options are geared strictly towards the taste of the individual. For example, the kind of fabric and the color. However, things like vents may be required for the suit to look its best.

The Cut

One of the most important factors to consider is the cut of the jacket itself. People who carry a few extra pounds around their middle should try to avoid any jacket which caters to slim waists. A “slim fit “or “V” cut suit may not drape correctly. A better choice might be a suit that has a straighter line.


These are small vertical slits that are normally at the back or sides of the garment. These vents allow the wearer more room when they are either sitting down or bending over.

The Single or the Double Breasted

This term refers to the amount of fabric at the front of the garment. On a single breasted jacket there is only enough room for one row of buttons. On the double breasted version, the jacket provides ample room for two rows.

It is important to note that a single breasted suit can have more than one button. Many garments are designed with two or more buttons.

Shoulder Padding

Padding is an option that many men like to have included in their jackets. This option is often selected if a wearer wants to create an image of having broader or wider shoulders. They also help to reduce the appearance of stooped shoulders and may help the garment to retain its proper form. This is especially true if the jacket is created from a heavy material.

You and Your Suit Needs

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