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Can You Wear Brown Boots With a Black Top?

Updated on March 20, 2011
Don't be afraid to mix black with your favorite brown boots!
Don't be afraid to mix black with your favorite brown boots! | Source

You've been told since you were old enough to dress up that black and brown simply don't mix. But -- much like the myth of no white after Labor Day -- this rule is meant to be broken. If you have a black shirt and brown boots, don't be afraid to combine them. As long as you follow the indelible rules of fashion, your outfit will be a success.

Similar Shades Are Best

When you're taking the plunge and going for a look that mixes brown and black, it's best to keep the two colors in the same shade. If you wear light brown boots with a dark black shirt, this can give you negative attention you just don't want. Instead, go dark for both colors. This way, the black and brown will look as if they belong together and no one will question your fashion choices.

Depending on the Bottoms

The success of this outfit may depend on what you wear on the lower half of your body. You've already picked out your black top and brown boots. Now it's time to plan the rest. If your black shirt is long enough to masquerade as a shirt dress, pull on some black leggings underneath. Since you have already chosen two neutral colors for your top and boots, neutral is the way to go for skirts, pants and tights.

This black top would go great with a kicky pair of brown boots.
This black top would go great with a kicky pair of brown boots. | Source

Tying it All Together

You've already decided to go against the grain by combining black and brown -- you might as well take this all the way. Tie together your outfit by adding more black and brown. Alternate between the colors. Pair the black shirt with a black skirt and break up the color with a brown belt. Pull on a brown cardigan over your black shirt. Not only will it keep you warm, but it'll turn otherwise drab clothing into a full-fledged fashionable outfit worthy of the catwalk.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Bravery is important for such a trendy look. If you're scared of the black/brown combination, keep the black shirt subtle. Instead of solid black, choose black and white stripes. If your top features other colors besides black, you'll feel more confident about your brown-booted feet. Just make sure that you tie the other colors in your top to the rest of your outfit and accessories as an accent color. Since brown and black are both neutral, any shade will do.


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      vicky 16 months ago

      I think these two are also good match.

      It has a lot of brown boots and fashion black tops on sammydress.