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Brown Corduroy Blazer

Updated on January 16, 2015

The brown corduroy blazer is a unique article of clothing in which its use will come in handy ten or even 20 years from now. The corduroy blazer matches any outfit and situation both formal or casual, for any man or woman. From kids aged 10 to grandparents in their 80s, the brown corduroy blazer will add a whole new level of smartness and casual formal to any occasion that may arise. 

Corduroy blazers are made from hard cotton which will ensure that it lasts many years and yet is still warm and easy to wash. A men's corduroy blazer is one of the most beneficial jackets for men as it can go with any trousers or any style of jeans of any color. There is no other jacket that could parallel a corduroy blazer in terms of men's corduroy blazers. 

To spice your image, you could choose to couple your corduroy blazer with a more uncommon legwear, such as white pants or bright fluorescent trousers. This would work for a more casual and fun event such as a party, where the corduroy blazer will ensure others to recognize your flair and sense of style, but also a fun and risky adventurous side to you because of the daring trousers you have on. A perfect conversation starter for meeting new people. 


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