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5 Best G-Shock Watches: Revised

Updated on February 3, 2015

A year ago to the day, I published a hub which listed, in my opinion, the 5 best G-Shocks available in the market. The appeal? Cheap, fashionable, celebrity endorsed, colourful and multi purpose timepieces, of which one I wanted. Since then, I have noticed an undeniably increasing popularity in the brand, one is never from a G-Shock on the streets of London; this is testament to the mass (and unexpected) traffic to my hub. Indeed, this watch brand seems to be the one in vogue and a popular conscious for fashion conscious young men. I do however believe the original articles' list of watch does need a facelift as new watches are not accounted for, and in some case these new models are even better than the previous ones and thus definitely worth a mention in this article!


This new set of extra large classic watches are very cool and I would argue even better than the last, with a whole host of new additional features, including an impressive anti-magnetic structure and a fully pre-programmed calendar until the end of the century; and trust me you'll want to wear it until then! It comes in a variety of colours which are 'inspired by sneaker fashions'. The case itself is huge, 55mm x 52mm, so it truly is a fashion statement. It retails with Casio for $130, and you will struggle to find a lower price on the internet. I love the boldness and display of this watch, particularly the size.


This watch, released this year, is my personal favourite. It looks both cool and classy; and would fit both shorts and a t-shirt and more formal attire. The colour, olive green, looks fantastic. It is G Shock's first military-style Solar Power watch. It contains a Tide and Moon Graph as well as 200m Water Resistance; as well as a number of alarms and compatibilities to world time zones. It's retail price is only $120 and it can be found on ebay for just £65! The display of this watch is really cool and I love the shape.

Master of G

I still believe that this watch is deserved in its place in the top 5! The Tough Solar Yellow (GF8250-9) at $450 (trust me to pick the most expensive one!!!) can do more than any other watch in the Casio G Shock brand including displaying time in any one of 31 time zones, in addition it has moon data, 4 alarms and a 1/100thsecond stopwatch whilst still being 200m water resistant and entirely shock resistant! Unfortunately, it is quite scarce on the internet and therefore prices fluctuate greatly. Expect to pay a minimum of at least £200. It is a stunning watch and it is next on my list to buy. The yellow dial and strap will undoubtedly draw some much deserved attention.

Master of G

Last year, I mentioned this series of watches and since then it has grown. The Master of G range now comprises 11 different watches, in 4 different styles (Frogman, Riseman, Gulfman and Mudman). The one I have chosen is G9300er-5, which boasts its thermometer, digital compass, and 200m water resistance, forms part of the Mudman Collection. It can be bought for approximately £160-£180 on a variety of websites. This watch is reminiscent of the older G shock watches and is well deserved a place in the Top 5 boasting its wide range of features.


Unchanged from last year's hub; this still remains within my top 5 favourite watches in this brand. This watch (DW6900FS-8) is at the cheapest end of the G-Shock spectrum, but do not let the price deter you as it still has many enticing features including 200m water resistance, various alarms and other gadgets. It is the watch Justin Bieber wears on multiple occasions; as well as Eminem and Dr. Dre in a variety of music videos. Despite, its high acclaim on the wrists of various pop stars it can be bought for just $78 on and £82 on its British counterpart; even cheaper still, they often appear on ebay for under £60! This appeal makes it one of the more widely worn watches in this brand and an iconic watch in its own right! As a proud owner myself, I would encourage its purpose, its extremely comfortable, easy to read and always gets lots of compliments too!


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