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Perfect Budget Perfume Gifts for Holiday 2009

Updated on February 20, 2012

The holiday season can be a confusing time. Between busy work days and preparing for the holiday celebrations, everyone has to find the right gifts for their loved ones. And that’s a minefield of its own. But gift-giving doesn’t have to throw a confounding kink into your holidays. Gift-giving can actually be really simple. Here some the basics. Women love perfumes; fact. Perfumes are great gifts; another fact. Put two and two together and you get: women love perfumes as gifts! See how simple that was? Now at this rate, we might have the entire holiday mapped out before its time to make dinner.

But to continue on the topic of giving perfumes as gifts. It gets even easier. Perfumes are prized luxury items. Because of its status as an elegant beauty item, many women love getting them on those rare special occasions. With just a glance at the top three best-selling perfumes, you’ll have an gift-idea for the special woman in your life, whatever her age.

And now you’re furrowing your brow over your holiday budget. It’s true many can’t stretch their savings to buy a special luxury item for each member in their gift-giving circle. But lucky for you, designer perfumes are often sold at discount prices. For some heart-warming discounts, check out the top discount perfume retailer

Ed Hardy Women

Ed Hardy Women is the perfect perfume for the young woman in your life. The pink design is as funky as her haircut, while the tattoo designs are as cool as her jeans. While the packaging demonstrates a bit of street-wise edge, the perfume inside is far from gritty. The pink-inspired perfume oozes with strawberry and freesia notes. A zesty ruby grapefruit note—a favorite among youth—opens the perfume with energy. In the base, the soft sweetness of vanilla and cocoa-like tonka bean smolders.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is a classic perfume for women aged 18-35. The ever-present aquatic aroma that first gained popularity in the 1990s is made legendary by Light Blue. Light Blue creates a symphony of the traditional citrus aquatic notes. Fresh and crisp, but not bitter and dry. Sweet and soft, but never cloying. This perfume is a fresh rendition Mediterranean accords, and the result is pure perfection. Dolce and Gabbana opens with notes of sweet citrus and tart apple. The heart of Light Blue is filled with a swan song of white, clean florals. Like a bright, billowing line of laundry, this perfume is fresh and uplifting.

Sung by Alfred Sung

Sung by Alfred Sung is an elegant perfume for women. If you’re looking for a perfume for a refined woman with polished tastes this perfume will satisfy. Alfred Sung is a wedding gown designer who excels at creating power, elegance, and grace with simple, flowing white lines. Like his fashion designs, Alfred Sung’s perfumes soar with distinguished flare. Created in the 1980s, Sung by Alfred is a classic white floral perfume. From the very start, this perfumes makes its presence known. And throughout the day, the sweetness of white florals flickers and glows.

It’s almost certain that any one of these perfumes can make a great gift for your special woman. Luckily, these perfumes won’t break the bank. These perfumes and many more are offered for competitive low prices by discount perfume retailers. Be sure to snag a budget buy for the holidays!

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