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Building a Model Portfolio

Updated on February 9, 2013

The modeling portfolio is the same thing as the CV when you apply for a job. It is your visit card that has everything your future employee needs to know about you. You can have your portfolio made by a professional photographer or you can make it yourself. Whichever way you make it, make sure you have a couple of opinions and positive feedback before you start sending it to various modeling agencies. You can never know if you have a star quality unless you expose your features somewhere. Whether you take the pictures on your own or you hire a professional make sure you know which photos you need to make the portfolio complete. A full length picture of yourself, from head to toe is a must if you want to get hired. Usually, most models do the full length photos in bikinis but you can use lingerie, if you want to leave a strong impression on the model agent. When you make a full length photo, both, your front and your back should be promoted so make sure you have at least two different shots from head to toe. Close up pictures is where you make the biggest impact. The head shots should include photos of you smiling, a photo without your smile and a picture of your profile. You should have a photo of you from various angles, so that all of your features are fully exposed.

You can put as many photos as you like in your model portfolio but less is better. Your portfolio should not reveal every aspect of yourself, only the perfect ones. So if you have decided the photos will be taken by a professional, make sure they make many shots of you so you can choose the most beautiful ones. Usually, all photographers are talented and artsy, so feel free to ask the one you hired about advice. There is no standard number of photos you can put in the portfolio. Even though, 5 photos may be enough for you to get hired somewhere between 7 and 12 will be ideal. If you get most compliments for your smile, you can put several pictures of you smiling. If not, maybe your body figure is the feature where you can place most of the attention.

Making diversity in the model portfolio

It will be best to hire a professional photographer to take the shots for the model portfolio. They will be able to make the best of your features and assist you in the photo selection. Full body shots, artistic head shots, black and white shots and vintage filters can all find their way into your job portfolio. Talk to the photographer about your future occupation as a model and maybe he can show you few tricks learned from the famous models you can use in your future modeling career.


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