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Bulova Accutron Men's Watch Review: Corvara, Quartz, Automatic

Updated on January 5, 2015

Contemporary Accutron

The modern Bulova Accutron (not to be confused with the 1960's classic) includes several lines of watches developed for men and women. Most of the timepieces exhibit dressy elegant styling, occasionally enhanced with various sports characteristics.

The majority of the timers rely on familiar round shape; some of the lines feature square, tonneau, and hexagonal cases. Additional watchmaking elements vary according to the designer's plan – straps or bracelets, numerals or indexes, openworked or solid, fashionable or sporty.

Overall, the versatility provided by Amerigo, Corvara, Curacao, Eagle Pilots, Exeter, Gemini, Kirkwood, Mirador, Saleya, Masella and Stratford subcollections makes Accutron a genuine master collection that doesn't conceal its ambition to satisfy virtually any taste in wrist watches.

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Sports: Corvara, Curacao, Eagle Pilots

These are three Accutron lines of muscular and tough looking watches, usually incorporating black and gray colors – all purpose, no fooling around.

The seriousness dovetails with the chronograph function, creating a tight athlete's piece without the fancy additions present in the more refined Gemini and Amerigo, for instance. Bulova manufacture these models exclusively for men, equipping them with either automatic or quartz movements.

Complications include a chrono utility, GMT (dual time), and date. Materials: stainless steel, leather, polyurethane, and occasionally a gold finish.

Complicated: Gemini, Kirkwood

Classically designed and offering dual time and chronograph complications, Accutron Gemini distinguishes itself as an elegant traveler's timepiece. More importantly, it's a versatile line of watches that can function as casual or even dressy accessories (small seconds hand at six o'clock, guilloched dial, lance hands), or more sports oriented timers (tachymeter, other complications).

Kirkwood includes several ladies' designs, and veers towards pure horology, carving an aperture at twelve o'clock in order to boast the mechanical automatic movement. Some variations display an openworked skeleton dial, and yet others add a sporty rotating bezel, again proving that affordable brands take design risks too.

Elegant&Fashion: Amerigo, Exeter, Mirador, Stratford

These four lines anchor Accutron status as an all-round collection by adding fashion and jewelry elements on the one hand while elaborating on the elegant&classic horology angle on the other.

Mirador surprises with aggressive sports design, arrow shaped hands, and carbon dials – dials indeed becoming a playground of aesthetic experimentation in these collections. Stratford adds geometrical variety by offering rectangular (tonneau) shaped cases.


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