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Bulova Accutron Ladies' Wrist Watch Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Bulova Accutron Ladies: Affordable Risk

Accutron Ladies comprises four collections: two (Kirkwood and Mirador) that also include men's variations, and two (Masella and Saleya) made especially for women.Though Mirador Ladies displays sports traits similar to those in the men's line, this is more of an exception than a rule: most of the watches focus on fashionable design, offering a range of casual, dressy, and elegant timepieces suitable for various non-athletic activities.

These lines also show that although the American Bulova is now owned by the Japanese Citizen, and, indeed, there are many parallels between these two brands, the former stands out as the one that will take more risks, even if it means sacrificing somewhat the affordability factor.

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Kirkwood, Masella

  • Kirkwood Accutron retains the mechanism revealing aperture at twelve o'clock, adding materials commonly appealing to the female audience: mother-of-pearl, diamonds, and gold plating. Lack of complications allowed the designers to focus on dial composition, which presents an unusually soothing balance – the aperture on top is offset by the tuning fork logo below. Bands include brick bracelets (single or two-tone) and leather straps (stingray in one model).

  • Masella is the largest and most elaborate of all Accutron Ladies' collections, hosting round and square classically designed watches with thin, attention grabbing bracelets. Bulova introduce seemingly minor aesthetic enhancements: covering the center of the bracelet with a linear pattern, bedecking the dials with diamonds (while interlacing them with Roman numerals), and a two-tone color scheme – these add up to create a slow-burner effect of originality. A genuinely consummate design in my opinion.

Mirador, Saleya

  • Mirador climbs high with serious fashion and jewelry ambitions; diamond paved models and such rare materials as ceramics and mother-of-pearl make this Bulova line probably the brand's most expensive. Timepieces combine sports characteristics (rotating bezel) with fashion (diamonds, gold plated stainless steel and snow white ceramics) – even more boldly than Masella or Kirkwood – and step out as more than adequate alternative to such collections as Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.

  • Saleya Accutron watches explore the tonneau shape design, countering its inherent “quiet” appearance with bright two-tone arrangements and unusual colors. At its core, however, this Accutron is a classic formal line relying mostly on black and white design, minimalistic yet confident.


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