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Bulova Caravelle Ladies' Wrist Watch Review

Updated on January 8, 2015


Bulova Caravelle Ladies watches prove that a lower price tag doesn't mean reduced originality. The four feminine lines in this collection – Bracelet, Crystal, Diamond, and Expansion – effervesce with creativity expressed in original, sometimes truly inspired designs, especially in the bracelet area.

Another common element is the uninhibited approach to geometry: both round and rectangular cases go through unexpected, unorthodox modifications, resulting in all kinds of geometrical shapes, including but not limited to ovals, tonneau, and squares.


Bracelet Caravelle is a feminine collection dedicated to bracelet designs – nearly thirty all in all. Again, similarly to Caravelle Men's, I would recommend browsing and exploring the watches before choosing one for yourself – the time is worth it simply for the pleasure of witnessing such abundance of bracelet configurations.

The majority of the watches are two-tone; the bands can be categorized as link&chain inspired, solid&blind, brick, linear, and other variations.

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Crystal watches are nearly as experimental with bracelets – while displaying some reticence, gravitating towards classic elegance. The main feature of this line, however, is the use of Swarowski crystals. These cover the cases, bezels, lugs, and bracelets in their hundreds, endowing the timepieces with jewelry character. Watches display black and white dials, and come in straps as well.


Caravelle Diamond collection continues the unorthodox Bracelet approach, opting for the more luxurious diamonds instead of crystals. Naturally, fewer stones bedeck the watches in order to keep the price in the vicinity of $100. The diamonds are usually placed on crucial locations, such as the twelve o'clock marker, and sometimes other quarter hours indicators. About thirty, many of them two-tone, models.


A small ladies line reminiscent of Ebel Ladies Classic: somewhat similar bracelet and case relationship, and two tone (stainless steel and gold plating) color scheme – simple elegance being the aim.

Expansion bracelets and low water resistance (30 meters or only moisture); timepieces can cost less than a hundred dollars.


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