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Bulova Caravelle Men's Wrist Watch Review

Updated on January 5, 2015

Character, Confidence

Bulova Caravelle Men's lines offer affordable watches intended for everyday and occasionally formal use.

The collection habitually employs round and rectangular cases, quartz movements, and, most importantly, uncomplicated designs that appear to declare outright: “We have a job to do.” Indeed, aesthetics step back here in favor of simplicity, utility, and price.

Within the context of this strict philosophy, Caravelle watches still manage to exhibit character and project confidence, both signs of quality and tradition. Bulova divide the watches into Career, Classic, Fashion and Sports categories, the first two essentially representing the familiar “Casual” kind.

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Casual: Basic, Strap, Expansion

These three Caravelle lines combined include several dozen of watch designs that you really need to explore before deciding which one is best for you. Versatility is key here: white, black and colored dials, Roman or Arabic numerals, tonneau or round cases, bracelets or straps, and so on. Several of the Strap models sneak in a rare alarm complication, visible in the form of a digital window near six o'clock. Overall, the busy unglazed appearance creates a sense of stability and reliability, two useful traits to carry on one's wrist.

Fashion: Crystal, Diamond

Crystal and Diamond Caravelle take the visuals up a notch with the designs demonstrating more polish and deliberation. The latter line, housing about a dozen of variations, offers an interesting conflict: sleek, urban, and informal watches vs. classic, elegant, and formal ones. Bulova kill two rabbits with one shot by creating aesthetic tension within the collection, and satisfying two varying tastes in fashion.


A single Bulova Caravelle line that lies somewhere in between casual and fashion in terms of appearance, but surpasses them both in complications. Those include the ever improtant chronograph, sometimes supplemented with dual time.

Water resistant up to 50 meters and carrying a tachymeter, these wathes can function as lightweight diving or racing timers. Materials: stainless steel, rubber, leather.


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