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Bulova Crystal Men's and Ladies' Wrist Watch Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Diamond Alternative

Bulova Crystal presents an alternative to Diamond by offering watches set with Swarowski crystals instead of the more expensive stones.

The result is a lower price tag, usually by several hundred dollars (watches cost in the vicinity of $300 from official retailers) – but, even more so, a more liberated approach to design, as crystals, unlike diamonds, don't necessarily associate with formal high-fashion and evening dressy wear (though they definitely can). Crystal is foremost a ladies collection, including several dozens of models of various size and shape.

The general aesthetic direction is one of eclectic mix from other Bulova collections, especially the Bracelet ones; an additional feature that hasn't been so obvious in other lines is the sense of youth – these watches are targeted towards younger audiences. But let's look at men's collection too:

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Similarly eclectic, this line lacks the natural fashion zest of women's segment. One model, containing a chronograph and an alarm, stand out one of the most complicated watches Bulova manufactured; it displays a different approach, stressing horological values besides aesthetic ones.

This watch is the highlight of men's line, because it balances the numerous crystals with robust calibers, producing a sweeping sense of harmony. Includes dressy, casual, and sports versions.


Swarowski crystals, mother-of-pearl, stainless steel rococo bracelets, and additional elements distinguish this collection as a youthful, daring alternative to the more formal&dressy Diamond Ladies. Bulova shower the watches with hundreds of stones, paving entire bracelets, cases, and lugs.

Geometric variety becomes a leading design principle, as all of these watch parts combine unusual shapes and forms into surprising, sometimes gleefully over elaborate fashion accessories. The crystals literally liberate the timepieces – and duly project a feeling of freedom and space.

The collection includes one and two-tone pieces, and complements color variety by shaded mother-of-pearl dials, usually pinkish or bluish.


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