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Bulova Vintage, Antique Wrist Watch Review (Diamond and Gold)

Updated on August 21, 2011

Historical Vintage

Bulova Vintage watches is a broad category that includes ladies' and men's timepieces of various kinds and functions, all from early and later 20th century. There are specialized collections no longer in production: military style Bulova, doctor's watch, unisex, the familiar Art Deco rectangular line, and other rare pieces.

Many of the watches contain automatic movements, and are made of solid gold. Every given day there are over 500 eBay listings on Bulova Vintage watches, proving just how popular the brand and its historical products are.

Prices are determined by several main factors: is the watch functional, does it contain any precious metal, is it an anniversary piece, is there a significant inscription, and so on. Let's examine some of the collections more closely.

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Bulova Gold Watch
Bulova Gold Watch
Bulova Gold Watch

Vintage Deco

Is an Art Deco inspired design: classic tonneau shape, soft undulating lines, and a sense of style that men rarely wear these days – at least partly because such stylishness is associated with femininity. To wearing Bulova Vintage Deco today is to make a statement of fashion and values.


Military style round watches with dark dials and bright white Arabic numerals; a pair of slightly oversized hands allow for immediate time reading. Utility oriented watch, somewhat solemn in appearance – perhaps in acknowledgement of soldiers' high risk job.


These are solid gold, usually automatic watches, that sometimes overlap with Deco features. Again, a calm and fine sense of style determine the design; white, yellow, and rose gold is used to mould the cases from. Dials are usually very clean, and may appear minimalistic to a modern eye accustomed to chronograph complications.

Platinum, Titanium, Diamonds

Other highly valuable metals and stones Bulova experimented with at some stage of their manufacture. Diamond watches often combine with gold (or platinum) to create true jewelry timepieces made for ladies; usually smaller, they will include quartz movements, and are recognizable for their elaborate bracelets – a Bulova trademark still evident in modern Caravelle and Accutron.


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