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Chest Bunny! Peter Jensen's Animal Jerseys

Updated on October 19, 2010

One style element that appears to be quite prolific in children's fashion, yet sadly lacking in women's and men's fashion is the 'animal face'. The dearth of animal faces depicted on men's and women's clothing over the past few decades has been nothing short of disturbing, I'm sure you'll agree.

Fortunately, London designer Peter Jensen is working hard to change that trend, and I wish him all the best and many supernatural powers in his mission to do so. His first major success has been in creating a line of animal face garments for Urban Outfitters which are set to feature not only bunnies, but also dogs, foxes and of course, everyone's fashion favorite, the polar bear.

Some fashion pundits are crediting the ubiquitous 'hipster' trend for this new fashion line, and indeed, hipsters, with their tendency towards green living and simplicity often don't receive the love or credit they deserve. The plethora of hipster hate on the Internet is reaching proportions which can only properly be described as epic. If hipsters manage to get animal jerseys and animal sweaters back into mainstream fashion however, I for one, will pledge my eternal love to them and start knitting a jersey immediately.

There's nothing more adorable than a woman in a polar bear jersey holding a large, vicious looking hook in her hands. One suspects that the hook is there to add 'edge' to what would otherwise just be the cutest picture ever. Is it working? Probably.

Peter Jensen's animal collection also includes polar bear motifs lovingly crafted into hats and scarves, so you could technically be wearing a polar bear jersey, polar bear scarf and polar bear hat. Is that too much polar bear for one person, you might ask?

No! There is no such thing as too much polar bear!

Finally, I couldn't leave this discussion of Jensen's collection without mentioning the happy dog face sweater. The happy dog face is so happy that anyone wearing the sweater will instantly become happy, and anyone happening to look at the sweater whilst going about their daily business will be transported into paroxysms of joy.

The collection must therefore, be presented with a caveat: not to be worn by those who do not wish to leave the world a slightly happier place than they found it.

That said... awww... look at the cute little doggies and the cute little bunnies! Who is cute? You are! Yes, you are!


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