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Burberry Touch for Men

Updated on July 22, 2014

I decided to test my next scent for no reason other than the weather we’ve had over the past few days. Temps in the upper 80’s and humid, typical summer weather in Indiana (unless the weather decides to do something else, the result will then be typical Indiana summer weather). 

I need a new to me summer, casual/work scent that won’t go wild and attack every nose between my desk and the front door when the heat in the office is still set for snowy below zero conditions. I need something light but assertive at the same time.

The cologne I wanted to audition for the role is Burberry Touch for Men. Burberry Touch for Men was released in 2000 is classified by some as a flowery scent. My personal Scentimental Brotha classification would place it as a woody/flowery scent that features:

· Top Notes-Mandarin, Violet

· Middle Notes-Oak Moss, Pepper, Virginia Cedar

· Base Notes-Vetiver, White Musk, Tonka Bean

The notes that drew me to this scent were of course the citrus note of Mandarin (tangerine), Tonka Bean and the classic Vetiver. Each of these notes in essential oil form are calming or mental balancing oils, something I would need for a workplace or first date scent.

First test sprays of Burberry Touch for Men were applied to pulse points such as my wrist neck and in my special case, a little spritz to the top of my head. This spray point is unorthodox but as a bald man, I’ve found my scents disperse well being sprayed up on the roof.

I was able to pick up on the violet notes (The Scentimental Brotha knows flowers) but couldn’t catch the mandarin. I did pick up on the pepper which made me wonder if this was going to be another scent that rushed through the notes.

This turned out not to be the case, the scent calmed down by the time I got to work for which I was grateful. Upon entering the office, I found myself walking into the 7th level of hell. The heat was on high making the place feel like I was still outside, except there’s a breeze outside.

Struggling through the first couple of hours, the damn heat actually helped Burberry Touch for Men to announce itself to my area.  It wasn’t necessary for me to find my normal sniff testers, new volunteers joined my cadre.

This cologne was well received, the common note picked up on was the tonka bean, violet and vetivier. The life of Touch was about 5 hours before it decided to go to sleep on me. Not bad considering the niche this cologne was to fill is a work place or casual/first date scent.

In each application 5 hours is a lot of time. I’m not sure if the cologne petered out at 5 hours because of the club like heat in the office or it’s just the nature of Burberry Touch for Men.

This cologne took a solid 8 on my oooh aahhh scale.


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