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Burberry Weekend

Updated on July 5, 2011

With its top notes like sape and reseda greenness with additional tangerine, the Burberry Weekend is just the scent you need to keep up with your busy weekend that gives off a natural and vibrant floral and citrus fragrance!

Many have called the Burberry Weekend their “signature scent” making it a lot more popular than ever! It will give any of its potential buyers a nice and excellent catch for their money with its creative designs and scents that is meant to give prestige and empowerment to those who use it.

Like the Brit Red, the Burberry Weekend is schemed to let you feel better in all the things that happen in life. It may not be a very expensive brand like the others, but you will love it to distraction!

It has this floral, fresh and light scent that has a terrific staying power that won’t wear off easily.

One of Burberry Perfumes’ distinguished scents is the Burberry for Men wherein its creator’s inspiration of the laid back and rock and roll personality of the scent was taken from Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. He understands the need of every young man at whatever part of the world to be as cool and nifty lick Mick Jagger!

The Burberry Weekend centers on the personality of the individual and tries to instill a comfortable elegance and uncomplicated style to whoever uses it. It blends with an oriental and fresh woody fragrance with cut ginger and a tangy green mandarin mixed up with spices of cedarwood and bits of spices to give that sexy and confident manly scent!

Just like the Fred Hayman Touch Perfume, you get an exciting, special and romantic scent that will certainly make heads turn!

The touch perfume by Fred Hayman was introduced to the market in 1993.  Fred Hayman touch has that green floral crisp that radiates charm and energy with a mixture of black violet, yellow rose and a citrus Clementine which is wrapped around an initial note of a jonquil bulb which is mixed with bits of lilies.

The Fred Hayman Touch is just what every woman needs to get that feminine scent from blended romantic florals. It is very much recommended for wear during daytimes!

Burberry’s tradition of producing fragrances that are truly glamorous have truly clasped on the soul of different outdoor getaways!

If you want to have that out door, fresh and musky sent, then, the Burberry Weekend for men is truly the best for you! This fragrance that was introduced in 1997 has an amazingly sweet scent since it is made from honey and amber. It starts its aroma with a citrusy blast of mandarin, lemon, bergamot and grapefruit which is then followed by a tang of melon and pineapple!

Launched the same time in 1997, Burberry Weekend for women is the most wonderful counterpart of the Burberry Weekend for men. This scent is the fragrance to give your special female friend if she enjoys having that natural floral scent!

With this as part of your toilette, everyday is truly a weekend!!!


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