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Burgundy Shirt

Updated on March 16, 2011

Mens Burgundy Shirt

A Burgundy Shirt for Every Occasion

A burgundy shirt may seem like something you would only ever wear to a wine tasting or out for a spaghetti dinner, however, men's shirts come in so many different colors nowadays that that we often never think of wearing a burgundy tee, burgundy jersey, or burgundy dress shirt.

A burgundy shirt comes in every style from burgundy dress shirts that would look great with your favorite suit to the casual mens burgundy shirt that can be worn with jeans or shorts.

I know many men who will only wear a white dress shirt or a light blue dress shirt, but I have to say that a burgundy dress shirt looks just as fashionable and adds some extra style.

Burgundy shirts are not just for dress up. They can be worn anywhere that you want to make an impression. Whether a casual or formal occasion, burgundy is a safe, strong color.

To make a pair of jeans look more formal, consider dressing it up with a button down burgundy dress shirt with a collar. This type of outfit also does well at parties and even in the office if your dress code is relaxed.

For a great selection on sizes of burgundy shirts, I would recommend looking online. There's everything from cool burgundy colored shirts to warm ones in sizes ranging from small to big and tall.

I personally prefer shopping at Amazon or eBay when it comes to items like this because I feel their prices and label names are superior to what you can often find in stores. Visit or eBay right now to see their current variety of burgundy shirts.

Something to consider is that burgundy shirts are not just for the guys young and old. They are also for women, juniors, and girls. This is because burgundy is not a color specific for men or women, it is one of the more neutral colors out there for both sexes. For womens burgundy shirts or a burgundy tie, see further down the page.

How to Coordinate with Your Burgundy Shirt

The good thing about a burgundy shirt is it is very versatile. It comes in a variety of styles including vests, collared shirts, button up shirts, t-shirts, and even iron-on logos can be found on burgundy shirts.

When worn with khaki pants, the burgundy shirt is perfect for formal and informal gatherings. Just be sure to wear black shoes as brown shoes will clash.

A burgundy dress shirt is also a perfect under shirt for a black or pin striped suit. This can make for a great outfit for a fall wedding. Dark colored ties like a burgundy tie work the best with this outfit. Try burgundy tie with silver, or navy blue with burgundy accents. A burgundy shirt can also be worn with jeans. Depending upon where you are going to wear the shirt you must decide on the style.

You can expect to pay the same for a burgundy shirt as any other color, which makes them affordable. The price will increase as the designer name or quality of materials increases as with any other type of burgundy dress shirt or mens burgundy shirt. Mens burgundy shirts are sold in most stores and can also be found online as well. I find that online will usually have the best selection of burgundy shirts and burgundy ties and burgundy neckties.

Womens Burgundy Shirt

There are numerous styles of womens burgundy shirts out there too. They're not just for men and boys. A burgundy shirt can look equally as good with a woman's skirt suit or a black or navy pencil skirt. Online is a great place to shop for womens burgundy shirts. They have everything from designer tanks to casual and sporty tees.

Burgundy Shirt
Burgundy Shirt


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