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Burgundy Tie

Updated on March 16, 2011

The Must-Own Burgundy Tie

If you're thinking of purchasing yourself or someone else a new tie but having trouble deciding what color or pattern tie to purchase, then you should consider a burgundy tie. If you don't already have a burgundy tie in your closet, then you should get one right away. A burgundy tie can make a man feel just as empowered and confident as a red tie without the obvious connotations that go along with a red tie. It's just as classic, confident, and elegant.

Burgundy ties come in every possible tie pattern that there is and ever will be. You can find a burgundy tie in a paisley, a stripe, a jacquard, a check, and every other possible pattern of tie. If you're worried that a burgundy tie wouldn't be age or occasion appropriate, then you need to stop. A burgundy tie can look great on every one from a young boy to an older gentleman. Red can be too overbearing on a young boy or teenager. Like a red tie, a burgundy tie will also be able to carry you from work to evening affairs, depending of course on your entire outfit.

Finding A Quality Burgundy Tie

Now that you've decided you know that you want a burgundy silk tie in a paisley or any other burgundy tie, you need to think about tie style.

  • First you need to consider your height and weight. If you're very tall, opt for a longer tie, and if you're short, opt for a shorter tie. The standard tie is 54" long and 3.25" wide.
  • A good, quality tie should be lined, so make sure this is something you can keep your eye out for.
  • A high quality tie looks and feels smooth.
  • If you are able, hold the tie draped over your hand. If it lies smooth, then the tie will lie nicely against your chest and stomach. Ties that twist around will look the same on.
  • High quality ties are constructed of three pieces of fabric.

When purchasing your burgundy tie online, these are just a few things to consider, although not all will be possible. You can always email to find extra information out or look in the specifications for more details. Two great places to shop online are and also the world's largest auction site eBay.

When dressing with your printed burgundy tie, be careful to limit the amount of patterns your wearing. If you have a pin-stripe suit, wear either a patterned shirt or a patterned tie, not both. Also, make sure your shirt doesn't clash with the tie. Burgundy ties always look sleek and sophisticated with a white shirt or any other color that is present in the tie. Don't ever go burgundy on burgundy - it doesn't look good.

Burgundy Tie


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