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Burgundy and Copper eye Tutorial

Updated on August 30, 2016

These are the products I used to create this look

  • scotch tape
  • Any eye primer (I used one from Kiko)
  • Kiko 8hr no transfer long lasting eyeshadow stick number 37
  • Sleek bush by three palette, sugar 364 using the shade Turbinado
  • Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in the shade on and on bronze
  • M.U.A palette undress me too using the shade Fiery
  • Bourjois Paris liner feature felt-tip eyeliner in the shade 11 noir (optional)
  • a mascara of your choice. I used Benefits Roller lash
  1. When creating this look for a special occasion I would recommend doing your eyes before foundation or anything else, this makes any fallout easier to clean up. I have also applied scotch tape (that you have first applied to the back of your hand to reduce tackiness) from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow (this makes for a crisper line on the edge of your eyeshadow) However if your creating this for every day I probably wouldn`t worry. I also prime my eyes if popping on any eyeshadow (if I remember) as it prevents creasing and gives you a smoother base to work on.

2. Once your eyes are prepped and primed you are ready to apply the first layer of eyeshadow. Apply the Kiko eyeshadow stick in the shade 37 to your eyelid then, using a fluffy brush blend into the corners and the crease of your eye. The brush I am using` is a Real Techniques brush from their bold metal collection.

3. Next, to soften the line, apply a small amount of sleek blush shade Turbinado to the outer corner of the eye using a smaller more precise brush and Blend softly.

4. Then using a thin flat brush apply Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo (in the shade on and on bronze) to the lid of the eye being careful not to go into the crease DO NOT BLEND this product as it acts as a base for the next step.

5. Using a quaint but dense brush apply MUAs eyeshadow in the shade fiery on top of on and on bronze. Do not blend this either as the eye won`t have the same smoky appeal, for the same reason I have then repeated step 2 (adding a little extra sleek blush into the crease)

6. After that I used the Bourjois felt-tip liner to create a bold and fairly thick flick (you can alter this step to suit you. You could; use a brown eyeliner so the line isn`t quite so harsh, create more of a cat eye so it isn`t so dramatic, create a thinner flick, again so it isn`t such a bold look, draw a thin line using a pencil liner and don`t create a flick or simply leave it as it is and don`t use any eyeliner. The list is endless.

(7) Now for the satisfying part. You can peel off the scotch tape to reveal a crisp line of eyeshadow and eyeliner. If you need to here is where you fix the eyeliner. (For example I needed to lengthen one of the flicks to balance my eyes out) Just try to remember here that your eyes are sisters not twins (this applies to the liner also) so don`t spend too much time worrying if they aren`t the exact same.
(8 optional) Then, using the brush you used to blend out the burgundy shadow, sweep it lightly underneath your eyes.(little tip this makes your eyes appear bigger)

(9) Now apply your mascara. I used Benefit roller lash to complete this look, it is a curling and lengthening mascara so if its volume your seeking then I would recommend Estee Lauder's sumptuous extreme lash multiplying volume mascara. If you were wanting to you should apply false eyelashes now, I personally didn`t need any since this was a look I created for a more casual occasion. However when I created this look for my prom I did use false eyelashes.

Thanks for reading please leave comments, requests or questions down below.




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