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Burn your Facial Hair instead of getting laser treatment

Updated on December 18, 2014
abnormal hair growth on chin area
abnormal hair growth on chin area | Source

Facial Hair Shakes the confidence

I had had more than a hundred of coarse hair on my chic and side-burns which had also shaken my confidence in public, particularly during the day light. I used to pluck the whiskers daily, religiously, especially when I would be watching television, doing nothing, reading an article in front of computer, talking to someone on the phone, or meditating in a lonely room to let the stress out. My mother was very paranoid with my excessive plucking regime, she would often tell me not to touch the hairs, and they would grow back thicker to make me look like a girly-man. That really teased me mentally because I am too social to stay at home even for a single day. I had to do something to get rid of heinous facial hair because it was deterring my ability to do other tasks such as cooking (which I like the most), reading ( I cannot live without) and so many other daily errands.

Methods I have tried against nasty facial whiskers

I read a lengthy article on how turmeric can remove the hair along with the roots from the skin if it is used very regularly, without missing a day. I used a paste of olive oil, lemon, turmeric powder and flour three weeks consistently, I would rub the paste with soft hands on the areas where I had condense hair growth such as chin and neck. The paste worked well for improving the complexion but it didn’t do anything in rooting out the coarse hair, at one point I tried increasing the pressure, it was a painful experience not to see the hair get out of the skin during extensive rubbing.

If you have less thick hair on your face, the idea of using flour and turmeric powder will do wonder, it will make your skin completely hairless one day but it requires patience to see the result. On the other hand, if you have noticeable black hairs which are too coarse to be pulled out through rubbing technique, you have to do something better to get rid of them.

My skin problem and My Personal Discovery

I am not brave enough to do experiments with my skin; it’s the most precious asset I have now. However, when a particular skin issue makes you so much angry and frustrating, sometimes you end up doing the stuff that otherwise you should not even think of. I heard that laser beams burn the hair follicle from the inside. One may need three to four laser sessions in order to get rid of facial hair but it is also likely that the hair would grow back again, anytime after the years, maybe after just few weeks. Therefore, I chose to burn the facial hair myself, just to see how it could be helpful in making the hair weaker from the root. Mind that my mission was to see hair grow weaker instead of erasing it completely. You need to do two things in order to fight against unnecessary facial hair:

discovery for facial hair removal
discovery for facial hair removal | Source

Exfoliation of skin and ingrown hairs

The major issue with the unwanted hair is that it sometimes sticks within the skin layer; this is when it grows abnormal and thick. The hair keeps growing inside the skin and makes a bump, this type of hair is called ingrown hair, it is usually infected and inflamed, it has to be exposed before burning treatment. Here is what you need to do, forget about chemically strong exfoliate, use a paste of lemon juice and sugar instead. Take one small bowl, pour few drops of lemon juice and one tablespoon of sugar, mix it well until it becomes liquor. Now use the paste on the ingrown hair, in fact us it on the hairy areas of the face and rub for three seconds. Let this paste get dry for three minutes now and wash it off with lukewarm water. Should we start for the burning session? Not yet, you have got to wait for one more day. For instance, if you have done exfoliation today, you need to burn your hair tomorrow.

Burning the hair

I didn’t like the idea of using cigarette lighter for burning the hair; it can actually damage the skin more than killing the hair follicle. Do not expose your skin to the fire directly it will result in so many skin issues such as hyperpigementaion, blisters, acnes and above all burns that would turn into scabs later. Don’t do such experiments with the skin.

burning the hair
burning the hair

My special method for burning the hair

I have discovered a new way of burning the hair that will also give shocks to the follicles to make them weaker and weaker. Here is a brief step by step guide on how to burn the facial hair:

Magic of Steel Spoon

You need a spoon steel in order to make the facial hair burning idea work positively for you. Lit the gas burner and expose the back of the spoon to the fire for two minutes, no more than it. Now take it off, you will see that it has become little black from the both side, remove the black smokes from the both side and touch the spoon with your finger in order to assess if the heat is bearable. It should be warm but not scorching hot.

burn the back of the steel spoon on the fire burner
burn the back of the steel spoon on the fire burner | Source

Burn the Whiskers! Burn the Whiskers!

If you are comfortable touching the spoon with your hand, you need to bring it close to facial hair, target the coarser hair first now. You will see that the hairs are burning slowly, you can also smell the stinky protein, of course these hairs have protein as well and now it is burning. Repeat the process until all hairs are burned, they will fall off themselves.

Break Period and After-applications

Your skin may fight a bit of stingy feeling after your burning the hair. Let it get cool. Don’t apply anything yet, after three minutes you need to apply lavender oil on the hair. You will still see some ingrown hairs in the chin, you needn’t pluck it. Let these hairs grow longer once again, once they are outside the skin and are longer enough to be burned, just repeat the process until you see no more hair.

use lavender oil on the skin to make it smooth
use lavender oil on the skin to make it smooth | Source


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