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Burton Jackets 2011 - 3 Best Burton 2011 Coats For Sale

Updated on July 12, 2011

Snowboarding is a sport that is currently is such a rise in popularity, one that is probably the highest and fastest in the world, that the amount of snowboarding apparel, gear, and other accessories has trouble keeping up. People like new things: new jackets, new snowboards, new, well, anything.

Burton, one of the best snowboarding brands on the planet, knows this. Every year they come out with a new line of jackets, snowboards, snowboard boots, as well as an array of other accessories. And the same, luckily, is no different in 2011.

2011 Burton jackets are some of the best Burton coats to ever hit the market. Burton 2011 coats range in style, fit and design, giving you the choices you never used to have. Want to be flamboyant? There's a 2011 Burton snowboard jacket just for you. Want to keep it simple? Burton coats 2011 have just the right pick.

The point is is that now is the golden age of snowboarding and that the amount of new jackets,like new Burton jackets, are getting better every year.


Top 3 Burton Jackets 2011:


Burton TWC Baby Cakes Jacket Womens 2011

Until recently, snowboarding was predominantly a men's sport - well, not anymore. The amount of new female snowboarders every year is slowly starting to surpass the number of new mens snowboards. And what does this, ultimately, mean? That snowboarding apparel, and snowboarding jackets, are going to become more and more divided.

Burton knows this, and their new 2011 jackets have shown this new divide. There are just as many new 2011 Burton coats for women as there are for men.

The best example of this?

The Baby Cakes jacket 2011. The design is fluent and simple, a mix of blue and purple, ingrained in numerous shapes and designs. It's a jacket that's both feminine, as well stylish (in the snowboarder sense).

Other Specs:

  • Waterproof
  • Extra lining for insulation.
  • Venting Pit Zips for cooling down.
  • Pockets for music, goggles and money.
  • 2 Layer coated fabric.

Burton Arctic Mens Snowboard Jacket

One of the best Burton jackets for 2011, and for any year for that matter, are the Burton Arctic mens snowboard jackets.  These are some of the top 2011 Burton coats for many reasons, as well as some of the best snowboarding jackets ever released. 


  • 2 Layer Coated Fabric
  • Bellowed Hand warmer Pockets
  • Baggy fit, but not too baggy.  Fits tight in the necessary areas. 
  • Waterproof
  • Contour hood (very warm). 


Burton Men's TWC Indecent Exposure Jacket

This is by far my favorite Burton 2011 coat. It's a beast of a jacket, with everything you could as for, and more. The look may be simple, white with little else, but, for me at least, this is good thing. This Burton coat for sale is good for any kind of outdoor winter activity; whether this is snowboarding, snowshoeing, or hiking up snow-cover peaks, well, it doesn't matter.

The jacket features Thermacore insulation, a cush and taffeta lining, and waterproof that is guaranteed to keep you warm at all points during the day.

Other Specs:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Venting Zippers
  • Non-restrictive fit.
  • Cheap 2011 Burton Jacket

More Burton 2011 Jackets For Sale


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