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But Where Do I Put My Fat Clothes?

Updated on October 9, 2012
at only 7 months
at only 7 months

But Where Do I Put My Fat Clothes?

I have been small two times in my adult life, when I was graduating from basic training and when I was deployed to Kuwait for fifteen months, sweating bullets in their constant 130-140 degree weather. Now when I say “small” I don’t mean Americas Next Top Model small, I am blessed with some wonderfully Hispanic genes, small in my body’s dictionary means wearing size 5 jeans comfortably and small-long shirts. I have never been and expect with these hips I will never be a size zero, which I can live with; I love my curves, when they’re not too jiggly.

Now the largest I have ever been was when I was pregnant with my son, John, I capped out at 225lbs the day I checked in to be induced, I was two weeks overdue. Now it being my first pregnancy I was expecting to birth my mini elephant and suddenly lose like 20lbs; didn’t work out that way, I weighed 225 when I went home two days later, pretty crazy. It took about two weeks for the pounds to start coming off, first I lost 8lbs in 3 days then all of the sudden when my son was 1 month old I had gotten down to the 189 area, my belly was still pretty flabby of course because I can be pretty lazy; not so much lazy as I don’t have enough energy to take care of all my MUST-DO responsibilities AND work out. Slowly but surely with the help of some dietary supplements that my brother introduced me to, AMWAY Nutrilite Rhodiola 110 energy supplements, I gained enough energy to move enough to flatten the tummy, a little bit and I am maintaining an almost healthy weight of 177lbs.

When my stomach started to retract I was faced with a clothing dilemma, I didn’t actually have the money to go out and get a whole new wardrobe, not to mention that my “fat” clothes were pretty much new. The maternity pants, of course, got replaced, but my grabbed all my cute tops turned them inside out and took in an inch on each side, the ones that I couldn’t do that to i.e; dress shirts with linings, I just sewed matching sashes at the waist, now I could cinch those down to a size that fit just right, and all the extra fabric gathers at the back, it’s my own personal fashion statement. I did not replace my fat clothes I simply shrunk them to my non-pregnant size, my wardrobe is fuller and no one is the wiser, I have thrown my pre-pregnancy clothes back in the mix, my closet looks like I have a shopping addiction…. All I have is a reluctance to get rid of clothes that can get a new life with a little thread and a needle and, a couple of sashes.


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