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Buxton Palm Wallet Review

Updated on January 18, 2011
Buxton Palm Wallet
Buxton Palm Wallet

Buxton Palm Wallet

The Buxton Palm Wallet was a product that I wasn't to familiar with but the great thing about the holiday season for me is that everyone knows to get me my stupid as seen on TV products as gifts because they know I'll love them all.

I got the Buxton Palm Sized Wallet from a coworker and at first didn't know how to react because everyone there new I was looking for a new wallet but the feature I like most in a men's wallet is a coin purse and this is really difficult to find.

I also kind of feel that choosing a wallet is a personal thing so I imagine it would be hard to feel certain you've really hit the mark when giving one as a gift. But, my declaration that I love (hate) anything sold on TV gives anyone kind enough to give me a gift for any reason a free pass. Besides, Buxton is a pretty famous brand and the buxton cell phone wallet has been a very popular item so it would be reasonable to think the palm wallet would be pretty good.

The one thing I was truly surprised about when I got my buxton was that I had never even seen the commercial. People at our little Santa Exchange were shocked that I hadn't seen a palm wallet before and I felt like my status as the office as seen on TV expert was in jeopardy.

So the first thing I did was search for the Buxton Palm Wallet Commercial and when I found it I was thrilled. It was as dumb as an As Seen On TV commercial was supposed to be while making me feel like I had this enormous problem only a palm wallet could solve. I'm thinking Oscar but I'm sure you'll feel differently.

Let's watch the Buxton Palm Wallet Commercial, have a laugh and then review the product.

Buxton Palm Wallet As Seen On TV Commercial

Buxton Palm Sized Wallet Review

So now you've seen the commercial and hopefully laughed and it's time to really figure out what the Buxton Palm Wallets are all about. First, understand that it is different from the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet but the idea of it being an organizer wallet is pretty much the same.

I would like to point out that the best part of the infomercial was seeing the man sit down and hurting his back because there was a load of cash hanging out of his wallet. I've never had that problem, but it is well known that if you are sitting for a long time, lets say a long car ride, you should never keep your wallet in your back pocket because it doesn't let your entire lower back and hips rest equally in the seat. This can lead to some health issues if you do this allot. However, I don't think the buxton palm wallet solves this problem because it's pretty bulky for a a man's wallet.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Buxton Palm WalletsBuxton Palm Sized WalletBuxton WalletBuxton Palm Wallet Saves SpaceBuxton Palm Wallet Credit Card Sized Magnifying Glass
Buxton Palm Wallets
Buxton Palm Wallets
Buxton Palm Sized Wallet
Buxton Palm Sized Wallet
Buxton Wallet
Buxton Wallet
Buxton Palm Wallet Saves Space
Buxton Palm Wallet Saves Space
Buxton Palm Wallet Credit Card Sized Magnifying Glass
Buxton Palm Wallet Credit Card Sized Magnifying Glass

This brings me to my next point. As I guy, I will admit to having a wallet full of junk that I don't need but sometimes I enjoy cleaning it out and seeing my 3 year old McDonald's receipt or finding a to do list that I never did. But what really happens is that as you over stuff your wallet, the leather stretches so if you clean it out you become worried that your driver's license and credit cards will easily slip out. So I rarely clean the thing.

The way the Buxton Palm Wallets are constructed this could never happen. But, as I look at it seems to compel me to find more junk to load into it and carry more things around with me. This is something I don't want. I would love to use an organizer wallet but I really want to keep less stuff in my wallet.

However, if you're a guy who has a ton of stuff they constantly need to take of your wallet then this a real winner. This thing can literally hold fifty items and if you use it properly you will stay completely organized. But, when it's loaded up it's pretty bulky for a men's wallet. That's not to say it's not a good one but for someone like me who carries a license, 1 credit card, a little cash and a fair amount of change for parking meters, it is a bit too much. But it the Buxton Palm Wallets are great for change which is my sticking point for a man's wallet. Most of them that I find are very expensive so I may decide to use the buxton.

Now you may have noticed that in the Buxton Palm Wallet Commercial and a few of the images above, that palm wallet looks like a great organizer wallet for women.  It's much smaller than a traditional organizer wallet and will hold a lot of stuff yet save a tremendous amount of space in a purse. I'd think it would be terrific to carry in a small evening bag as long as the palm wallet isn't loaded to capacity. 

For the price I gotta think this product is a winner. It is a Buxton which generally means quality and does solve a problem which many of us suffer from. We all need to be more organized.  Personally, I'm thankful for my latest As Seen On TV gift and the fact that I hadn't yet seen the buxton palm wallets still blows me away but this particular item is a bit to large for me personally. Like I said earlier, I keep practically nothing in my wallet.

Buy Buxton Palm Wallet

So I'm figuring that me carrying only a few items in my wallet is a rarity and there's people out there who really want to buy buxton walletsand want to know where. I'm not certain you can find buxton palm wallet in stores because my not so secret Santa won't tell me where he got mine. I imagine he ordered one online and gave me the free one.

So if you need to buy a palm wallet on line here is the standard deal that I see being offered.

For $9.95 plus $7.95 P&H, you’ll receive the Buxton Palm Wallet in your choice of luxurious black, brown or red leather and get a cool credit card sized magnifying glass which fits right inside.

But Wait! There's More! (isn't there always)

  • Order the Buxton Palm Wallet and receive the Magnifier Card absolutely free! If you’re unsatisfied, for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full product refund.
  • Order immediately and you’ll also receive a second Buxton Palm Wallet in the same color and a 2nd Magnifier Card for FREE, --just by paying $7.95 P&H! ust an additional $9.99 each with no additional S&H.
  • You may decide to order up to four Buxton Palm Wallets in the color of your choice, along with four free magnifier Cards, for $7.95 plus P&H for the first two wallets and merely P&H of $7.95 for the second two.
  • You may also decide to purchase the Deluxe Buxton Palm Wallet in black, brown or red, along with free Magnifier Card, for $19.95 plus S&H of $15.90

Buxton Palm Wallet Update

Well my Buxton Palm Wallet is holding up great. This was a product that I really liked but it seems to be harder and harder to find. If you know a place to pick one up, let me know and I will link to it. For now, it's time to take a harder look at the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet because it appears to be where Buxton's focus is heading.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Just purchased the palm wallet at showcase (an "as seen on TV" store), the wallet is neat and organized, but the zippers do not close properly when the wallet has all your cards and money in it. I have 12 cards in it, a few bills and coins (that's it!) and it doesn't close properly.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      very unhappy customer. both zippers came off. one is opened and the other is closed. not sure how to put back on or who to contact to get fixed. purchased at a store that sells as seen on tv products.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Does no one edit your site? You have misspelled Mighty on your home page for this product.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I just picked up mine today at Wal-Mart, it's about a couple of bucks more than the price on TV, but at least I don't have to worry about paying any extra for shipping and handling, and I can at least do a straight up exchange or refund in a worse case scenario. My only question is, unless if you lighten up the amount of cards taking up the slots in the wallet, where are you supposed to put all your dollar bills if you already have a fair amount of change in your money pouch? How's a guy supposed to cram all that money in there?

      Other than that I have no complaints about the wallet so far.

    • profile image

      G Webber 

      8 years ago

      receive the palmwallet $14,95 for two

      I was charged $85,00 on my credit card

      What kind of gangsters are this outfits

      Stay away from garbidge like this

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I ordered 2 palm wallets and received 4!! No matter what number I call, I can't get to anyone to even discuss this matter. So ok, if I ordered 2 and the second 2 were free, the charge to my credit credit should have been 36.05. Instead I got a charge for 92.33!!! WTF is that?

      If anyone knows how to connect with customer service, please let me know.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Junk, that should not be allowed to advetise on TV.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great concept and would be fine except on both wallets the zippers don't work. So this needs to be fixed. I am hoping to find something similar with zippers that work

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Received my palm wallets a couple of weeks ago...and what junk!!! you put your cards in and the zippers don't "zip" right!! crap, crap, crap..i would have been better off getting a wallet from the buck store! and yes, by the time you return and lose your s/h, it is barelly worth returning. i have ordered 3 palm wallets and they are all the same...the zippers are crap!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      For all of you who have complained about the return policy. Maybe you are not familiar with phone ordering but this is standard process. If you watch the commercials many times I have noticed that they do indicate that you will get 100% refund LESS S&H. So that shouldn't come as a shock. This is why you have to be careful about phone ordering, it's been this way for years. This is how these phone order companies make their money. Buyer beware. Get the details before you give your payment or don't complain.

    • profile image

      Never Doing This Again 

      8 years ago

      It took three months for my Palm Wallet to arrive. I ordered a red one, which looked like a plain red leather wallet in the ad. It's not . . . it's a hideous plastic, fake crocodile thing that could easily be called purple and not red. And as for the amount of stuff you can put in it, that doesn't live up to the ad either. Most of the business cards I want to keep have to be cut down to fit inside and once you've filled the thing up, the zipper is a major pain to work. I'm disappointed and I'll be going to back to real life shopping in the future.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I had made a palm wallet purchase after seeing the commercial on t.v. There's an american site as well as the canadian site = watch out which one you use. The prices are also different. When I realized I ordered from the wrong site I quickly cancelled my order and printed out this concellation just to have proof. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP ONGOING RECORDS OF YOUR TRANSACTONS. Once I felt confident that my first order was properly cancelled I then made another proper order with the upgraded leather. Take note that I had made 2 transactions on my credit card by now. I received my second order and that amount showed up on my credit card statement. SO FAR SO GOOD.

      The following month upon receiving my credit card statement the order which I had cancelled 2 months prior was showing as another purchase. When I saw this I telephoned their customer support many times explaining of the cancelled order which was charged to my account. All I kept hearing was that it was cancelled on their side. I finally had to fax several times all the evidence which included my credit card statements for the 2 entries. As well I contacted my credit card company faxing them all the evidence I had.

      To make a long story short I finally got a reimbursement showing on my credit card but it was for the wrong amount. They reimbursed me for the order I was supposed to have paid and not for what I had concelled which in fact was for more money. With a difference owed to me of approximately $20.00 I faxed the wallet company one last time explaining that I still had an amount outstanding from their side. Again I kept my credit card company up to date.

      From the time of cancellation of the first order, almost 4 months has passed. My credit card company filed a dispute against the wallet company and they have credited my account the difference which should have been done by the wallet company. For my part, I'm done. I finally got back the money owed to me.

      Be very careful of this company. My credit card company advisor has told me that other customers have had problems themselves with the wallet company. One in fact ordered 1 wallet, was shipped 4 wallets and was charged the price of 4 wallets on the credit card. SO HERE ARE 2 SCENERIOS OF "STEALING" FROM CUSTOMERS. BE VERY CAREFUL.

      As for the quality of the wallet. I am happy. It serves my purpose as I have quite a few cards which all fit nicely. For me the upgraded leather is definitely a good quality.

      This is the end of my story. Don't you become a victim as many even before me. I wish you good luck!.

    • profile image

      jon doe 

      8 years ago

      Don't waste your time ordering Palm Wallets. It took 12 weeks before I received mine. When I finally got them I was very disappointed the leather quality is poor and they look cheap. Don't even bother doing the upgrade as they will try to sell you. I returned mine. Then there is another hassle with refunding... they don't refund the shipping and handling and they charge you for each piece, What A Joke!! They are a bunch of scammers!! Never again!!

    • profile image

      Unhappy customer 

      8 years ago

      Be warned!!! when returning your palm wallets they neglect to tell you, you do not get you shipping and handling fees back!! What a RIP OFF!!! Poor Customer Service! Never again

    • Patti Ann profile image

      Patti Ann 

      8 years ago from Florida

      I have this wallet and I love it. Mine is purple.


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