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Buy A Wenger Swiss Raid Army Commando Watch Online: The World's Toughest Watches

Updated on April 14, 2011

Are you one of those people who love to be outdoors and to engage in active sports but are afraid to take a good-looking watch along with you in case it gets damaged? Or perhaps you are just a busy mom or dad with kids who go crashing about and have to be bathed, end you end up wearing a cheap and ugly plastic watch because you don’t want to ruin your good watch?

In either case there are some great and tough watches out there that will hold up to just about any amount of abuse and the toughest of these is the Swiss Raid Commando Watch.

The roots of the Wenger Swiss Raid Commando Watch

The Swiss Raid is one of a stable of exceptionally tough watches made by Wenger in Switzerland. Now you may not recognize the name, but Wenger is one of two Swiss companies that produce the original Swiss Army Knife. The other is Victorinox. Both have a reputation for great engineering and producing only the highest quality. Both also make military style watches that have become known to the average person as Swiss Army watches. Both are now also owned by the same company, since Victorinox bought Wenger in 2005.

Now most Swiss Army watches have great reputations, and you won’t go wrong if you choose a Victorinox watch or any of the other Wenger Swiss Army Watches that are out there. But if you are looking for a really tough watch then your best bet would be the Swiss Commando Watch. The reason I recommend this Wenger commando watch is because it is famous first and foremost for its durability, functionality and reliability. They are not as tough as the CX Swiss Military Watch, but that watch costs a real bomb. In comparison, these Wenger watches will hold up to a lot of abuse in the outdoors because they are made of durable materials and are crafted for use outdoors. Let me start with the basics. This timepiece has an incredibly strong crystal face that resists scratches. Lesser watches use toughened glass, but this will scratch or chip if it is knocked about a little. The next thing is that it is coated with a super-hard ceramic surface so it will not marked or scuffed easily if, for instance, you slip and scrape it against a rock while scrambling or bouldering. It is also water resistant so you can swim or shower with it. It isn’t actually certified for diving and if you need a diving watch then you could look at something like the Wenger Battalion Diver watch, which has better seals to keep out the water at depth.

Another great thing about this watch is that it is very affordable. Most people do not want to spend large amounts of money on a watch, yet they are still looking for a durable model. With the Swiss raid, you will receive a product that excels in durability and quality but doesn’t cost the amount of a Tag or Rolex. For a reputable brand name watch, you may want to have a budget from as low as $100 to $500. Although this may seem like a large amount of money, consider that the watch will most likely last you for life.

The original name of this watch comes from the world famous Swiss military competition where military personnel compete with commando exercises in team. This competition is to test overall toughness, military skill, and fitness. Contestants are pushed to the extreme in terms of obstacle courses, shooting, and sneaking into enemy territory. Next a “raid” is initiated which usually involves a simulated attack or an ambush.

The Raid watch is just as durable as the commandos who compete. The structure is very solid looking and can come in many different styles. Some of them have military designs with no frills and plain looking rubber straps. Others are far more stylish and can come with a host of extra features and add-ons.

The dial is well illuminated and clear. A 12 hour stopwatch is one of its features, along with a tachymeter that lets the user measure speed across a certain distance. This can be used by an experienced and trained navigator to measure distance while traveling at night or in an unknown area. A scratch resistant surface lets the watch stand up well against rigors of hunting, mountaineering, or any other type of active outdoor activity. If for some reason your watch does have a problem, you can simply bring it to a Swiss Army Repair shop to get it fixed. A lifetime warranty is included so you can replacements for any parts that are broken.

Finding a Cheap Commando Watch Online

In my experience I’ve always had the best luck finding good prices on most things, watches included, on I like the fact that Amazon has great customer service. But best of all is that they often have the best prices. At the time I’m writing this Amazon has a discounted Wenger Commando Chrono for sale at a 63% discount.

The Swiss Raid Commando Competition

A few other Wenger Watches on Amazon

Wenger Men's 72325 Battalion III Diver Black Dial Black Leather Watch
Wenger Men's 72325 Battalion III Diver Black Dial Black Leather Watch

The Battalion Diver is both rugged and good looking and it is water resistent enough for you to go scuba diving.



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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      These are really great watches. I bought one for my husband a few years ago and he loves it.


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