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Buy Airwalk Shoes Online - Top 3 Airwalk Shoes For Sale

Updated on July 4, 2011

Shoes have come a long way in the last twenty years; with the revolution that was skateboarding, a new breed of shoes has come a long, shoes that are called, 'skate shoes'. Skate shoes are of unique design, with grippy soles, and hard, rubber toes. The result is a durable shoe, of high quality, that also looks good.

Airwalk is one of the leaders in such a shoe; each and every year Airwalk releases new Airwalk sneakers, Airwalk skate shoes, and even Airwalk flip-flops , that are innovative with their style, their look, and their comfort.

But what about the best; what are the best Airwalk shoes for sale? What the top Airwalk shoes to buy online? Because that's what you should care about; when you're looking to buy a new shoe you want to be buying a shoe that is three things:

High quality.

Looks good.

And last, but not least, is very comfortable.


Airwalk Void Sneaker

First up on my list of top 3 Airwalk shoes for sale online, is the classic Airwalk void sneaker. This is a shoe that is great for both skating and casual wear, with a look that amplifies both things. It looks good, with a blue and brown color (the colors are separated with stitching, giving it an ordered look).

Other Features:

  • Padded Ankle Support.
  • Rubber Sole.
  • Duo Tone Suede
  • Very Light.
  • Very Flexible.
  • Laces.
  • Airwalk logo embeded on the side.

Airwalk Eva Thong Sandals

Airwalk sandals are a very popular type of Airwalk shoe for sale. Why? Because of how easy there are to put on and take off, as well as their comfort and style.

The Airwalk Eva thong sandals are some of my personal favorites. They are a cloth-lined thong, that is shaped in direct proportion with your foot. The result? An Airwalk flip-flop that feels like you're wearing a customized shoe.

The Airwalk Eva Sandles have a rubber sole (you could even try some skateboarding with this sandal) and feature a white and blue color. The only designs on the sandals are the Airwalk logo, making it a simple looking sandal - which is a good thing.

The price? Very affordable.


Airwalk Sonar Unisex Snowboard Boots

Although some may not consider this a true Airwalk shoe, I just had to include it.


  • Unisex snowboard boots.
  • Very, very cheap Airwalk shoes.
  • Come in three colors: silver, powder, yellow.
  • Waterproof
  • Thermal Liner (Keep heat in).
  • Nylon laces = easy on and off.
  • Look simple are very comfortable.


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