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The Best Tie Hangers and Motorized Tie Racks 2017-2018

Updated on July 15, 2017

Best way to fold a tie

The best tie rack might not be a tie rack at all.

The obvious way to store ties is to cubbyhole them, rolled and not curled up on their side. Having a partitioned drawer with holes measuring 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches on the inside is enough.

Never fold your silks! Silk needs a bit of room to breathe while resting. The partitions, sides, front and back of the drawer should be durable. The bottom of the drawer can be made of lesser quality wood faced or whatever you choose.

The best way to roll a tie is to fold it in half and roll under starting at the back and ending up at the front. If you have trouble doing it yourself then there are tools that can help.

Silk pocket squares are a great way to complement your ties. All you need to do is make a partitioned drawer for them (17-20 inches/side). This will give you 2 square wells. After you are finished wearing your ties-- llet them hang for a couple of days. Make sure how to properly press them smooth before returning them to the drawer.

Tie Racks and Organizers for neckties

Some people might not even realize they exist. If you are starting to amass a good amount of ties, rolling them up or using a regular wood hangar just doesn't cut it. The best tie rack you are going to find is the one that suits you. If you have a spot on the wall a wall mount might be the best. If you have an excessive amount of ties you might want a 30 tie rack. There are a wide variety of choices in every type, so be sure to shop around. Amazon is always the best place to get reviews on all of the latest products.

Let's face it, if you are one of the many people with ties all over the place, then you definitely need a tie rack. Most of these are very inexpensive and make chossing a tie much easier-- it always helps when they are organized! Looking all over the floor and underneath clothes for your ties should not be happening in the 21st century. The best part is they are all easy enough to use that you could have your kids do it!

Whether you are looking to save space, have a great display, need lots of room for ties-- luckily there are plenty of different choices. I was shocked too. There is a motorized tie rack, a twirl-a-tie, and some that give you a great view of your ties. There are wall mounted ones, ones that hang from wire shelves. Be sure to pick the one that suits you the best-- some people really prefer the wall mount..

If there are any new cool Hangars please let me know. You can comment below, I will get read it.

I also want to let you know that I am a real person and always appreciate any feedback, If you would like to comment below or have anything to add to the conversation of tie racks, please be my guest!

Twirl-a-Tie Tie Rack/Organizer

Their slogan is:

No more crumpled, rumpled ties!

This is an incredible solution for hanging ties and you can't beat the price of under $3. No real installation other than hooking it on the bar in your closet. It makes you wonder how this isn't in more closets. It takes up little space and can hold ties, as well as belts. This does help keep all of your ties neat and unwrinkled! Make sure you pick this tie rack up if you don't want to spend a lot of cash. I am a simple folk so this type of thing would work perfectly in my situation. That doesn't mean I wouldn't splurge on a better choice-- which there are.

This can hold anywhere from 20-25 ties and doesn't have a choice but to work perfectly. Great if you are on a budget as I have said.

If you are thinking about getting these you may want to go to the store. The two reasons are that you can save on shipping cost(not that you don't lose that when you spend money for gas). The other reason is that some people have waited a month to get it. Those are obviously drawbacks to any items you order online.

Which tie rack do you prefer?

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30 Tie Organizer Wall Mount by Organize It All

You can find these for under $10, don't pay more unless you are getting it installed-- even that you can easily do that by yourself. People by it for $18.99 on Amazon and at that price most of the reviews say that it is inexpensive and good quality. All you need to do is mount it with 4 screws to your wall. If you are trying to find the right match with your clothing this makes it very easy to take several ties out. Obviously you can buy another if need be, that is something many people have done.

The fact that the 30 Tie Organizer mounts on your wall is fantastic for saving hangers! Having it on your wall can make things much easier. Instead of losing your ties within the rest of your clothes, you know where your ties are at at all times. On the wall! Not saying that the other tie racks don't accomplish this, but having them on the wall, especially if you have the space can be the best choice.

If you have a lot of ties you can put your favorites on this and store the rest on a twirl-a-tie, or maybe in a box somewhere.

This bad boy has gotten literally no negative reviews. That means that it is very durable.

One more thing it can hold more than 30 ties, some people say it can hold 50.

Friction Tie Rack and Scarf Hanger

Here is another great tie rack with great reviews-- it is compact and metal.. People like this one because how well everything stays on and doesn't fall off. Hence the word friction, which I'll bet you can guess what that does. Your ties and scarves have almost no chance of hitting the floor, this tie rack has a non-slip friction surface that prevents slipping. It is available in a few different colors just like your ties.

This rack holds 24 ties and scarves, depending on size. People claim that this is the best tie . They are very easy to move around and take anywhere you may need to take a tie. Also the price is very low and the product is totally worth it.

Here is what a lot of reviewers are saying in regards to the Friction Tie Rack instead of the other choices. Do not bother with the motorized ones. they're cheap plastic and break. And the problem with the spread out style is you can't see every tie. I personally can see his point but do see the advantages of the other choices.

ClosetMaid 8060 Sliding Tie and Belt Rack for Wire Shelving

Another great space saver. Here is the twist-- it is for wire shelving. So if you have wired shelving please read on, otherwise move on to the next product. The rack until slides forward and slides back out of the way when not in use,
You can find it at Closetmaid's website

It is really cool how it slides out. Make sure you use this to its full potential as its not just for ties, it hold many other personal items of your choosing!

Get a Motorized Tie Rack

A Motorized tie rack is a sure winner for many people. There are lots and lots of different ones to choose from. These are for people with a lot of ties, it makes it really easy for you to pick out the right one. They may look or seem kind of corny, but if you are fumbling through ties every morning, well this is a definite time saver. Motorized tie racks don't save the space some of the others do, but it really is cool to have. Some people have two or three of these set up, if you can believe that.

There have been many great reviews for all of the different Brands. Most if not all require batteries(check to see if they can be plugged in or charged). many hold upwards of 64 ties, belts and scarves. These are usually easy to install and goes right on the bar where you hang your clothes, so there are no worries.

If you see someone at work with a bunch of different ties, then you might want to get him one of these. Need a couple of choices?

Need a couple of suggestions? These are some other popular choices.

What is your favorite Tie Rack?

Make your voice heard, people will read this! There are way too many brands for me to feature every single product let alone for me to test them. A lot of my information comes from other people's experience, I want to give the most honest and unbiased information that I can. It can be overwhelming just looking for the right motorized rack, so with that being said. What are your favorite choices-- did I leave any great ones out? I would like to see more activity in the comments section-- anyone can comment. Who wouldn't want to jump all over a conversation about tie racks? I mean come on!

Please leave feedback-- the only way I can improve my page is by getting the latest and greatest information.

Here is one of the better reviewed Motorized Tie Racks on Amazon


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