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Buy Billabong Wetsuits Online

Updated on July 15, 2011

Wetsuits are an interesting thing, aren't they? They're like having an extra layer, a new layer, of skin; a layer of skin that protects us from a different medium than were used to. Water can be cold, water can be viscous, and wetsuits, well, they protect us from that.

Wetsuits are most important for surfers, people who spend hours upon hours in the water. This is especially important on those days, those golden days where the waves ten feet high, and when the weather is cold High quality protection and comfort are vital aspects in a good aspect.

And that's where Billabong wetsuits comes in. Billabong wetsuits - including Billabong ladies wetsuits, Billabong winter wetsuits, and Billabong wetsuits for men - are exactly what a wetsuit should be. They are made of high quality, protective, material; they are also very comfortable. This combination allows surfer in the water - or just hanging out in the water - as easy as walking on the beach.

But what about Billabong wetsuits 2011? Are they up to par? What about Billabong womens wetsuits - are they as good as the Billabong SGX wetsuit?

Let's take a look.


Billabong Womens Wetsuits

Billabong wetsuits for women are surprising hard to find which is strange considering that amount of wetsuits Billabong makes.  That's not say that Billabong doesn't make an ladies wetsuits, because they do; in fact they make some of the best womens wetsuits on the planet. 

A great example of this is the Womens Billabong Synergy wetsuit.  For a price under 100 (making it a very cheap wetsuit) this ladies Billabong wetsuit is perfect for the water.  Made of 100% superstructural neoprene, it is perfectly flexible in any kind of water. 

Don't expect much style in a wetsuit - it's mean to protect you and that's it.  Besides you'll be spending most of your time under water anyways. 

Billabong Winter Wetsuits

What makes up a Billabong winter wetsuit?  It really only has one criteria to fufill in order to be considered a winter wetsuits: temperature.  Can it withstand winter temperatures is the only question is should be answering.  Of course this is all realitive; I mean what's cold for me, could be warm for you. 

Billabong makes a variety of winter wetsuits, ranging from ones that can withstand really cold water, and ones that can withstand cold water. 

Top 3 Billabong Wetsuits 2011

Now comes what you've all been waiting for: the best Billabong wetsuits for 2011. It's a new year and this means new wetsuits full of innovation, new material and maybe, perhaps, new style.

  1. Billabong Foil Wetsuit - This is one of the best Billabong wetsuits and one of the best wetsuits of 2011. It's a full zipper wetsuit for men and women; it has a silk interior; can handle water temperature as low as 60 degrees; and is made of 100% super stretch material!
  2. Billabong Revolution Full Wetsuit - Next up is the Billabong revolution wetsuit and another great way to tackle the water. This can handler colder temperatures than the Foil wetsuit and comes with a 1 year warranty. Nice!
  3. Billabong Steamer Wetsuit - Finally is the steamer wetsuit. This is the closest you'll come to a Billabong winter wetsuit and is one of the best 2011 Billabong wetsuits. It even comes with Chafe resistant collar kneepads.


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