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Buy Carolyn Pollack Jewelry Online

Updated on April 12, 2011

Think ethnic, think bold, think distinctive. You are not a woman who plays it safe and classic.

You like to use semi-precious stones to define your identity and highlight your love of the earth.

Nothing is more colorful, more friendly, more accessible.

Is this you? Think Carolyn Pollack Jewelry.

Since the 1990’s, Carolyn Pollack has lived out her dream of designing and producing unique jewelry with a Southwestern flair. A frequent QVC host, Ms. Pollack continues to offer over 100 new designs of her jewelry each season. If you love making a bold fashion statement with your jewelry, you’ll want to check out her creations.

Although the inspiration for her designs is Southwestern, it is not an extreme look. You can easily incorporate many of her jewelry pieces into your wardrobe, whether yours is an ethnic look, or something more standard, such as classic, romantic, or sporty.

Most of Carolyn Pollack’s jewelry is made of sterling silver. All the silver used in manufacturing her jewelry is recycled silver. Occasionally, you’ll find mixed metals tastefully incorporated into her designs, such as silver and copper together. Very rarely, she manufactures 14K gold pieces.

Her jewelry is affordably priced, and she has an outlet.

About the Jewelry

Carolyn Pollack’s jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee. If a piece is imperfect or the stones come loose, she will replace your piece without cost to you.

There is no end to Pollack’s creative use of colored semi-precious stones in her jewelry – from the cool blue tones of Amazonite to the creamy, refined color of yellow jasper. On her web site, you’ll even find her pieces organized by color family or by stone or by jewelry type. Certain color combinations will be favored each season, based on fashion forecasts.

I’ve found her use of mother of pearl (in several colors) and pink rhodonite to be fantastic, in particular. She often finds color mixes in nature that inform her choices of stones for the jewelry.

Best of all, all Carolyn Pollack jewelry is made in the USA -- in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Find It

Although there is nothing quite like going into a Carolyn Pollack jewelry store and seeing the pieces on display in all of their glory, some of the best prices on the Internet are found at Amazon.

In this hub, you will find just a few of her jewelry pieces on Amazon.  Feel free to browse, or look for pieces on your own.

One search tip:  You may not find all of her available pieces on Amazon by entering the words, “Carolyn Pollack Jewelry” in the Amazon search box.  Sometimes if you can be very specific (or you know the exact name of the piece you are looking for), you can type in something like “Radiance Yellow Jasper Ring Carolyn Pollack” in the search box.  Or, maybe enter a more general phrase like “turquoise pendant Carolyn Pollack”.

You won’t find better fashion-forward Southwestern jewelry designs. Carolyn Pollack's jewelry is backed by a service commitment and a confident outlook. Ms. Pollack also does extensive research to find out what her customer base likes and expects in future pieces for their wardrobes.

A current Southwestern look. Care for customer feedback. A company with a free spirit. Just three things that make Carolyn Pollack jewelry special.


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