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Buy Different Types of Ear Plugs (Including Bulk) Online

Updated on July 24, 2014

Ear care is an important part of keeping your hearing well into old age.

However some people are not regularly in high noise areas, meaning they don't require something lasting to protect their hearing.

If you do spend a lot of time in an area that may damage your hearing, you may want to have a look at the available ear muffs for sale.

However if you occasionally are exposed to loud noise but just need something quick and easy, ear plugs are the way to go.

An ear plug is easy to insert, easy to store and easily disposable. Available in a range of sizes, amounts and types, there is a pair of earplugs for every person and application.

Reasons why Earplugs are a great choice for Ear Protection

  • Small and easy to store in pockets or bags.
  • Cheap.
  • Buyable in bulk.
  • Protect your ears.
  • Are great if you don't want the expense or storage of ear muffs.
  • Come in a range of sizes, styles and types.
  • Easily disposable, so no need for cleaning or care.
  • Great to keep in a box at home and grab out a couple when needed.

Types Of Earplugs


  • Foam - Easily disposable and light weight.
  • Plastic - for more heavy duty use and reusable. Great for easy storage.


  • Uncorded - Two separate earplugs.
  • Corded - a single cord connects the pair so you can easily keep them close or take one out without losing it.
  • Head band - Easy over the head band to keep plugs in place and take them off easily at the same time.

Great times to use earplugs

You can use earplugs for almost any occasion but some great ones include:

  • At the races.
  • When visiting building sites.
  • At loud music events.
  • When work is being done on your home.
  • When you need a good sleep.
  • Any time you need hearing protection......


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