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How To Buy Eyeglasses Online

Updated on August 22, 2011
Buy eyeglasses online
Buy eyeglasses online

Why buy eyeglasses online?


Buying eyeglasses is a challenging task for most people and is always time consuming. It is very convenient and fulfilling to try on a pair of eyeglasses one by one at a optometrist clinic and decide if it looks good on you or not. A well trained optician is right there to answer all your questions and guide you through the various options and upgrades you can get on your eyeglasses. However, the cost for this is too high. You will be spending hundreds of dollars on a single frame. Buying eyeglasses online is becoming more popular than ever as there are huge bargains that can save you hundreds of dollars. Online eyeglass retailers have made it so easy and convenient that buying eyeglasses online is so simple and gives 100% satisfaction. The quality of the frames and the lenses are same or better than the brick and mortar stores while at a heavy discounted rate.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of eyeglasses when you can buy a similar one for a fraction of the cost? I only paid $40 for my last pair of eyeglasses which would have cost me more than $400 if bought at a optometrist clinic. It is a well known fact that Frames, which come in wide variety of styles and a wide range of prices, are often branded and have huge mark-ups (sometimes upto 200 to 500%).

Steps to save money on eyeglasses:

1. Get prescription: Go to a local optometrist near you and have your vision checked. The optometrist will check your eyes and give you a prescription. Important: Ask your eye doctor to put the PD (Pupillary Distance) on the prescription. Do not buy your eyeglasses from the optometrist as they almost always have high mark-ups.

2. Choose your frames online: Go to the website of online retailer of eyeglasses. Some of them are,, googles4u,,, etc.

They feature a catalog of frames that they offer in detail. You can view each frame, its color and read all about the frame's features such as what material they are made of, etc.

Their website has a tool that will allow you to upload a photo of yourself and you can use the flash program to try on the glasses and see how the frames fit your face.

3. Choose your lenses: Enter your prescription information or you may have to fax the prescription. Here comes the only tricky part in buying eyeglasses online. PD or Pupillary Distance is the distance between the center of two pupils which is very important to place the lens in the frames. You will need it to buy eyeglasses online as the eyeglasses lab needs to know this PD to place the lenses in the frame correctly. You should have proactively got it from the optometrist that checked your eyes.

Decide what lens material you want on the lens. For example, you can choose from polycarbonate or high index lenses or just plastic lenses. Plastic lenses are the least expensive ones.

Decide what coatings you want on the lens. Examples include ultraviolet coating to help shield your eyes from UV rays or anti-reflective coating so your eyeglasses will not produce reflection, tinted lenses, etc.

I will write a separate hub on the various coatings and how they help your vision.

4. Order your eyeglasses online for just $20 to $50 and wait for it to arrive.

5. Enjoy your new eyeglasses and show it off! Check out the cool Ray ban designer sunglasses at

Some mid-range brands that have great quality are Oliver Peoples, Paul smith, TAG Heuer, Booth and Bruce, Sama. Some of the more expensive brands are Lafont, Mykita, Alain Mikli, Philipe Stark, Oakley. I personally like Oakley brand a lot as they make some great quality glasses and frames.

Caveats with online shopping for eyeglasses:

While the huge benefits of buying eyeglasses online are price and convenience, watch out for some limitations.The final decision whether to buy eyeglasses online or not depends on the individual. Personally, I always buy eyeglasses online as it saves hundreds of dollars and with enough information, I had no problems with all the glasses I have bought so far.

  • Return policy: You don't want to get stuck with a pair of glasses you are not happy with. Make sure to read the return policies that are posted on the internet site that sells eyeglasses online. Most of the online sellers have good return policies just like what is offered by a brick and mortar optical shop.
  • Comparison shopping: As you will find great bargains on eyeglasses online, you should always do some comparison between different shops by visiting their websites and it is not uncommon to find huge differences in price, quality and customer feedback.

Check out these new Ray Ban sunglasses!

Video that shows how to buy eyeglasses online:


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    • carrierichard profile image

      carrierichard 5 years ago from California, USA

      I generally go with warranty and return policy before spending money online... Yes! some celebrity sunglasses blogs to find out the latest trends.

    • bobs optical profile image

      Robert Day 5 years ago from Keswick

      Very Helpful if you wear single vision lenses , but what about bifocal & progressive lens wearer,s how are you supposed to measure you seg height without being there with the frames on your face? No one seems to be able to answer these questions you cannot guess on this especially with progressive lenses were mm,s make all the difference. I have talked to several companies without getting a accurate answer to these question,s. You cannot measure bifocals of any kind with out the person sitting in front of you with the frames on their faces. Which leads me to think they don,t really know how to do this part if fitting glasses.

    • profile image

      dtwilliams 7 years ago

      I have used many online opticians in the past and have been buying from a site called

      They have a fantastic range at cheap prices and currently have a 2 for 1 offer so have some amazing bargains to be had at the moment

    • profile image

      jamie watson 7 years ago

      Great idea and piece of work executed & implemented. For more detail Info visit prescription glasses online

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 8 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Whoo this is a wealth of information not many of us know that .bingo

    • DivinePurses profile image

      DivinePurses 9 years ago from Cincinnati, OH

      Thanks for this great hub! I will have my first online shopping experience with eyeglasses this week. Unfortanetly my daughter needs glasses. Thank you for the helpful hints and possibly places to buy frames. I want to make sure I get quality eyeglasses for her.