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Buy Hunter Wellies for that Stylish Festival Look

Updated on June 30, 2011

Hunter Wellies for Wellington Heaven

Moving to or even just visiting the countryside is a big change from being in an urban, built up city area such as London. Out in the sticks you need a pair of Hunter wellies because you at least want to look great when you step out of your Land Rover and place your foot into some type of faecal matter! Cow, sheep, pig, horse, you get the picture.  

In London, wellies were always just those extra pair of boots in your cupboard that never saw daylight, but they have transformed into beautiful looking Hunter wellies. They are no longer those ill-fitting, hideous green things that the teacher would force you to wear at school and as a result we are now seeing girls (and even guys!) wearing them as some kind of fashion statement.

The Must Have Urban Welly

Anyone living in rural areas will normally have a decent pair of wellies that they keep in their cars for those muddy days. However, apart from living out in the sticks or on a farm, there are other uses for those gorgeous Hunter wellies. Many people living in urban areas will normally have some sort of garden, even people living in flats will have a communal garden that will require looking after and so wellies can be useful for those green-fingered types who are always pottering about.

And yes, they have become the latest in festival trends as well as the fashion of any type of social group remotely related to festival going such as emo, goth, new age hippies, or just plain old rock chick. All and anyone going to a festival at some time during the year will want a pair of Hunter wellies. And, even if you’re not going to any festivals then you will want a pair of Hunter wellies anyway just to keep up with the fashion phenomenon that is the festival wellies movement.

The Carnaby Boa Snake Short Hunter Wellies

Hunter wellies are simply beautiful, to say the honest truth. I haven’t felt so drawn to a pair of shoes or boots in years. Hunter wellies are unique, different, inventive, and best of all they are a fashionable commodity. Anything, which is both useful and fashionable, is a must have item.

The Carnaby Boa Snake Short Hunter wellies are, according to Hunter, perfect for urban life. Looking great as an ordinary boot while also useful for those typical British summer days... you know, the rainy ones.

Festival Hunter Wellies

The thing I love about Hunter wellies are all those lovely colours. No more unsightly green, you can have shiny blues and pinks or some nice flowery design or texture. You can even be daring and go for bright red, shiny, snakeskin wellies if you like.

The proper Festival Hunter wellies look totally unique. Kind of like biker boot wellies, definitely for the rock chick, emo, goth types. Hunter wellies are a little expensive but, what can you expect from such a unique brand that teams up with names like Jimmy Choo?

Different Uses for those Hunter Wellies


Of course, wellies were always the farmers boot. Hunter do a good range of tall boots for wading around in plenty of muck.


Again, you could make use of the tall wellies for when you need to kneel down on the grass or compost.


Hunter wellies have a really good sole that grips well and is good for a rainy kids sports day.


Kids will no longer be traumatized now that there are decent wellies to wear at school.


This is what Hunter wellies are all about. Festival fashion.


You don't even need a good excuse to wear those gorgeous wellies, just wear them!

Lace Up Unisex Hunter Wellies

Of course, there are also Hunter wellies for kids and for men. For both men and women, there is a huge range of what Hunter call unisex wellies and they have been designed to perfection. My favourite unisex Hunter wellies are the lace ups because since when did you ever have a pair of lace up wellies? They’re just so perfect for those that need to be different.


And you know this great dream of Hunter wellies doesn’t even end with their huge amount of uniqueness, Hunter also do accessories! Yes, wellington accessories! For those festival goers you can buy a cute little welly pouch to keep all your money in or you can buy welly socks to keep your feet cosy. If you feel the need to be a bit more girly, you could even accessorise your Hunter wellies with a cute fury cuff sock. Hunter even sell Boot bags for you to keep your Hunter wellies in without folding them over and ruining them, really, what could be more perfect than a pair of Hunter wellies?

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