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How To Buy Men's Jewelry | Signet Rings

Updated on December 25, 2010

When looking for jewelry for the typical man, you want to avoid anything with too feminine a feel. The vast majority of men will feel emasculated by dainty items of jewelry (although there is a significant proportion of the male population who would love a diamond necklace with matching earrings as much as you would, if you pardon my crass assumption that you are a female between the ages of birth and death.)

Jewelry for Men: The Basics

There are some simple basics when it comes to choosing jewelry for men. You may already be familiar with them, but let me list them here for the simple sake of completeness.

Chunky rings and chains are always a safe bet when it comes to men's jewelry. The chunkier, the better really. The idea is to impart some solidity to the wearer.

Motifs are popular choices in men's jewelry. I will explain my theory on that phenomenon later on this piece, but for the moment all you need know is that men will often appreciate jewelry with a powerful motif over jewelry that features nothing but the stones themselves.

Personal Men's Jewelry

Men's jewelry and women's jewelry follow very different schools of thought, and not only in the way that they are created and crafted, but in what their primary function is. If you spend any amount of time looking for jewelry for men, or even merely browsing both the mens and womens sections in a jewelry store, you'll note that the difference between the mens and women's jewelry isn't only a matter of size. It's also a matter of design.

Women's jewelry puts the jewels themselves at the forefront of the design. Look at Princess Diana's engagement ring for example. A sapphire ringed by diamonds. Yo dawg, we put a precious stone inside your precious stones so you can... you get the idea.

A woman's jewelry is used to define her worth. Though many might howl me down for saying that, there is no denying that many women are smug about the idea that their diamond ring is larger and of better quality than the rings of their friends. For women, the value of the jewels acts as a bizarre, twisted advertisement to the world about their own personal worth.

For men, jewelry performs a slightly different role, especially if it is personalized as in the case of a signet ring or other such engraved token. It is still a sign of wealth, but in this case, it is a sign of the male's character being imposed upon the wealth, if that makes any sense at all.

A woman's jewelry defines her. A man's jewelry is defined by him. Either look for motifs that he will identify with, or go one step further and have something made for him that features a family crest or a representation of some part of his persona.


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