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Buy Kids Temporary Tattoos Online

Updated on September 21, 2011

Kids Temporary Tattoos

 Kids temporary tattoos are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to fun presents for kids.

Since time immemorial kids have wanted to experiment with different looks as they grow up and now not only can they do their hair and make up - they can also get body art in the form of temporary tattoos for kids ~ be that temporary butterfly tattoos for a party for the girls, or football temporary tattoos to be worn to the game with Dad.

Easy to apply and more importantly easy to remove, temporary tattoos give kids and adults alike the opportunity to try something new with none of the permanent commitment of the real thing ~ which can only be a bonus in my book.

Designs range from roses to fairies and pirates to sharks and can give realistic effects for short periods of time, though if you're after fake tattoos that look real for longer henna tattoo kits are possibly a better option ~ though not a good choice for kids who need their temporary tattoos removed before Monday morning school.

Kids Temporary Tattoos for Girls

With butterflies, fairies, hearts and Hello Kitty to name but a few, there are plenty of temporary tattoo designs to please young girls.

How about putting Disney temporary tattoos into party bags for those young girls who love their Disney princesses, or fun and glittery temporary heart tattoos.

Temporary fairy tattoos are another favourite with little girls, or for slightly older ones there are some great designs around for temporary rose tattoos.

So whether it's to wear to a party or just to have fun with at home make someones day with some temporary girls tattoos.

Kids Temporary Tattoos for Boys

 Boys certainly shouldn't feel left out when it comes to temporary tattoos.

From football temporary tattoos to dragons, from dinosaur temporary tattoos to monster trucks there is something for boys of all ages. 


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