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Buy Make Up Kits for Girls Online

Updated on June 18, 2011

Make Up Kits for Girls

You'll know the moment you need to start looking at make up kits for girls. It's when your little one has reached the point she wants to start experimenting with makeup and both she and your make up drawer look like there's been an explosion in a cosmetic factory.

When kids first start experimenting with makeup they want to try everything ~ at least 100 times, and if you don't want to donate your much loved favourite products to the cause it's time to look at girls make up sets.

Girls make up caters for all ages, from the pretty pink and sparkly bags full of glittery products, to more sophisticated sets of eye shadows, lip glosses and nail polishes ~ which means whatever age or point your daughter / neice / neighbours kid (delete as applicable) is, there will be a something to suit .

Starter Makeup Kits for Girls

Little girls love to dress up and put on makeup to look like mummy ~ but they really want their makeup to be pink and sparkly and ideally come in a pretty bag.

If that makeup also comes with a bit of play jewelry in the form of necklace and earrings as the Disney Princess 'With a Loving Heart' Makeup Kit does then all the better.

And for those who prefer fairies to princesses there is the cute Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Makeup Kit with its sparkling lip glosses and glitter gels.

Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

Make Up Kits for Older Girls

 There's a point where pretty and pink no longer cuts it and girls want to move on to something a bit more sophisticated, without losing any of the joy that comes from having a hundred different colors to choose from.

There are some stylish products on the market to cater for this tween group who still want to experiment but want to do so with style.

The elegant black casing of the Shaney Delux Makeup Kit fits these requirements well, and with a selection of twist out palettes of eye shadows, blushers and lip glosses it won't disappoint of the choices front either.

How to Use Makeup Without Looking Made Up

Makeup is best used to enhance natural beauty ~ and natural looking makeup is possibly the hardest look to achieve.

When girls start out with make up they should be encouraged to start out small scale i.e. maybe lipgloss to start ~ and then work their way up trying different products and mastering one before moving onto another.

Applying makeup is not a natural skill for many people, so making use of some of the many tutorial videos on the Internet can be a good idea, especially for picking up particular techniques.

Make up kits for girls are a good place to start with makeup as the products tend to be of the same colour palette, meaning they will blend well together. With a good makeup kit and good tuition girls will able to learn how to make their make up work for them and make the most of their natural beauty, rather than using it to cover it up.


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