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Buy Online Women's Watches

Updated on September 10, 2010

Buy Online Women's Watches

Women want to know what time it is. Being a woman doesn't mean that you don't care about hours, minutes, and seconds. Sometimes fashionable wrist-adornment is necessary, sometimes you just want to cover up the tattoo you thought was a good idea back in high school. We present a cornucopia of women's watches guaranteed to to just that.

G-Shock Baby G

Oh, Baby! The G-Shock Baby G Woman's watch tells time and tells your peeps that you know what's goin' on! Water resistant to over 199 meters, this product is functional as well as fashionable. Blue, White/Green, and White/Pink translucent resin color combinations make the scene at any pool party or Starbucks rave. 5 individually adjustable daily alarms ensure that you'll be on time for every episode of Gilmore Girls. Look out for the adorable animations that pop up near the top of the display.

Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Women and men both participate in sports and both have heart rates. To that end, Timex provides the T5G971 Unisex sports chronograph with heart rate monitor. It's luminous, it resists water to over 29 meters, and it's manufactured from polyurethane and resin. A special chest strap is included: the strap measures heart rate and transmits data to the watch, where it is accurately displayed in big round numbers. All the batteries are replaceable without a trip to the Timex factory. Everybody sweats.

Michael Kors Watches

The name Michael Kors brings to mind amazingly fashionable accessories and clothing for women. Mike has been designing stuff since he was 19 years old, therefore he has become pretty good at it. The Michael Kors line of woman's watches does not disappoint. Many fashion-minded women simply will not leave the condo without matching Michael Kors gear. Check out the Michael's extensive line of watches including active sports chronographs and high fashion timepieces. We observe a Michael Kors watch for virtually any event or occasion. From the high plains drifter to the haute cuisine grifter, Mr. Kors offers wrist adornment proper for any point in time and space.

Chopard Women's 277480-1001 Happy Sport Diamond Gold Watch

Cruel it would be to imply that some watch shoppers possess more money than brains, but we don't expect to encounter too many wrists adorned with the Happy Sport Diamond Gold Watch on our next trip to Wal Mart. This precision timekeeping device ignores water to a depth of over 39 meters, but hopefully you've got someone to do your diving for you if you can afford this product. Diamonds may be found adorning it. Onlookers and hangers-on will flock to it.

Casio Women's LQ139E-1A Classic Round Analog Watch

Women (and most men) live in an analog world: they may as well have an analog watch to properly represent the current time and date. This device has the time covered. A quartz movement nestles underneath the mineral crystal, which is virtually transparent.  Classic in its' simplicity, a Casio analog watch tells the world that you've arrived on time, and that's all that actually matters.


Adorn your favorite female with a wrist watch. Online bargains abound.


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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @Syakira Cune: I agree. Buy a watch.

    • profile image

      Syakira Cune 6 years ago

      For 27 years, Casio has been manufacturing G-Shock watches that are designed to be the toughest watches on the market. Casio is making some technological advances with its G-Shock watches.

    • profile image

      lonely 6 years ago

      No comments? None? Zero?