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Buy Retro Vintage Fashions | Is It Retro or Ugly?

Updated on November 10, 2009

Sometimes the line between retro fashions and just straight out wearing ugly old clothing is a fine one.

I have quite a love for retro clothing, you can pick up some bargains for relatively little money and achieve a whimsical style reminiscent of more innocent times. Or you can look like your clothing was severely beaten with the proverbial ugly stick before you put it on.

Here are a few styles to avoid:

Rainbow Tweed

I'm not sure who came up with this originally, but it is, without a doubt, one of the ugliest fabrics of all time. Plain tweed has a certain simplistic elegance to it, a sort of gentrified, countrified ambiance. Rainbow tweed has no elegance whatsoever, it is an incredibly gauche eyesore that should be avoided at all costs. There are a few so called 'retro vintage' pieces which incorporate Rainbow Tweed out there, and all I can say is beware and stay away.

Frumpy Cuts

Modern women's fashions are, on the whole, tending towards more fitting cuts. Even when clothing is loose, it will usually none the less hang in an appealing fashion. Clothing from the 70's and 80's often had no concern for making a woman look feminine. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not talking about loose, flowing dresses like Maxi dresses, which are very much in style, instead I am talking about women's suits which were 90% shoulder pad and then draped shapelessly over the rest of the figure, transforming a woman into a staunch suited football player. It was hard even for models to look good in these styles, and they certainly do not flatter a 'normal' female figure.

Ugly Patterns

You have to understand that people in the late 70's and throughout most of the 80's lost all sense of taste. Drunk with the breaking of style rules, they thought that any kind of pattern looked good on clothing. It really didn't. The shorts you see to your right were made in the 80's by Versace. That's right, Versace. Even they lost their minds in the 80's. Nowadays those shorts could still be possibly wearable if your overall look tends to be wild and eclectic, or perhaps deeply ironic.

After all that negativity, here are some positive tips for buying retro vintage fashions:

  • Look for light, classic patterns and solid colors. These are fairly classic and stand the test of time well.
  • Look for cuts which flatter you.
  • Look for items that appeal to you. Feel free to rebel and throw all these rules away if you see some hideous piece that you just have to have. Fashion should always be fun.


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      breakfastpop 8 years ago

      Fun hub.. Thanks