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Buy Rockport shoes in Australia at low U.S prices

Updated on May 12, 2012

Rockport shoes are world renowned as the best walking shoes money can buy. What started as a family business in Marlboro, Massachusetts has 40 years later emerged as a shoe brand that combines the ultimate in ‘walkability’ and comfort, with modern style. It’s little wonder that Rockport has developed a strong and loyal fan base around the world.

For those looking to buy a pair of Rockport shoes, Australia must be one of the more expensive places to shop. For various reasons a pair of the latest Rockport shoes could cost as much as 60% more in an Australian shoe stores than in the U.S. This cost disparity is primarily due to the size and competition of the American market and the careful control of the distribution of Rockport shoes in Australia. What it means for the Australian consumer is that shopping online for Rockport footwear becomes the only way to buy the shoes they want at a reasonable price.

Whilst buying shoes online in Australia at lower international prices once meant having to pay a significant amount for delivery, thankfully this has now changed and some online retailers provide delivery worldwide for free when you spend over a certain amount. is one such store, offering fast delivery to Australia and most other countries when you spend $100.

The additional benefits that come with buying online relate to the range you can choose from. Whilst a shoe store might typically have perhaps 30 or 40 designs of a particular brand, websites such as Endless have hundreds, including many designs that the purchaser wouldn’t be able to find anywhere in their home country.

One of the primary concerns people have when buying shoes online relates to the fit of the shoes and the ability to return them if the sizing or style is not what their wanted. To counter this, with most online retailers there is provided an exhaustive amount of fitting information, which in many cases includes impartial feedback form those have already purchased the exact same shoes. What’s more, retailers such as Endless offer a remarkable 365 day return policy, giving their customers the peace of mind that they can easily return their purchase for a no hassle refund if they are in any way dissatisfied.

Online shopping continues to grow in range and popularity worldwide and with the benefits it offers over many types of regular shopping in stores, it remains the best way to get the most favourable price on a seemingly infinite array of products.


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