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Buy Vans Shoes Online - Top 5 New Shoes For Sale 2012

Updated on April 26, 2012

A new year, a new line of shoes.  Trends are a funny thing: they'll last a certain period of time, you'll think they'll last forever, and then , suddenly, they'll be over.   It's for this reason alone that many high profile brands, like Vans, make new lines of clothing and shoes every year.

And this is no different for the year 2011: Vans has already begun to release a new line of vans shoes for 2011, some of them unique from the year before, some very similar in design to the best vans shoes of 2010.  

Buying vans shoes online can be a tedious task; many people will search the web for hours, trying to find the coolest vans shoes, or the cheapest vans shoes, only to end up finding a shoe that doesn't quite match what they want, and isn't quite the price that they were looking for.  Sound like you?  Whether it's mens vans shoes, or womens vans shoes for sale, it's important to know what the best vans shoes are. 

New Vans shoes 2011?  What are the best Vans shoes 2011?  Some of the shoes in 2010, in retrospect, were some of the best Vans shoes to ever hit the market; that means that some of the best shoes of 2011 are shoes from the previous year. 


Top 5 New Vans Shoes For Sale:


Vans La Cripta Dos Skate Shoe Mens

This shoe, although released in 2010, is considered a 2011 Vans shoe. It was released late in the year, the fourth quarter, and therefore has a great impact in early 2011. Already, for the end of 2010. the La Cripta Vans shoe is one of the best skate Vans shoes to buy, as well as one of the top mens vans shoes for sale.

With reinforced cross stitching and a molded sockliner, this Vans shoes is made for durability and comfort. Many people praise the the sole and the ability the shoe has to retain shock; this means this is a great Vans skate shoe,as well is great for casual wear.

My favorite part about this Vans shoe for sale is the style. A mixture of blues and white give a vintage look that has a touch of modern in it.


Vans Authentic Womens Skate Shoe

Every top 5 list of Vans shoes has to include womens Vans shoes and girls Vans shoe to buy online. Because, although guys don't like to admit it, many of the best looking Vans shoe for sale are, in fact, womens Vans shoes (some guys will even go as far as to buy a girls Vans shoe).

This is no different with the Vans Authentic Womens skate shoe. With a sleek look of all white (with a single stripe of green) the only fear you can have of not looking good in this shoe is if you walk through piles of mud.

Made of canvas upper and a man made sole this shoe is great for skating and walking alike.


Vans Classic Slip-On

2011 Vans shoes is no different a year for the classic Vans slip-on. The Vans slip-on has been a staple for Vans shoe for the last few years, every year out-selling many of it's competitors. It's a Vans shoe that is good for both men, women and children; this makes it an excellent choice for the top new Vans shoes of 2011.

The best thing about the slip-on is that it's a very cheap Vans shoe for sale; and it looks good; and it's very durable. There are very few reviews saying this shoe can't go through it all (mud, snow, rain, skating, anything). For 2011 - this is one of the best Vans shoes.


Vans Men's Prison Skate Shoes

These are one of my favorite Vans shoe 2010 and, so, I had to include them on my list of best Vans shoes 2011.

Why are they my favorite?

It resembles a rubber toes canvas sneaker, making them look like a real - rugged shoe, while at the same time, in all earnest, being Vans slip-on. That's right. A rubber toed canvas sneaker that's a slip on (you probably thought you'd never see the day).

They look great, white a black modern look, and will go good with any outfit.


Vans Atwood Skate Shoe

Time for a classic Vans skate shoe for men and women to end the list of best new Vans shoes 2011.

This one is a classic:

  • White laces through four holes.
  • Classic Vans logo on the front.
  • Rubber sole great for skating.
  • Very affordable Vans shoes.
  • Durable and water-proof.


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    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      Even though vans are more expensive then lesser known brands, they usually have a classic style and they last for a long time. Thanks for the informative hub! I voted it up and useful.

    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Interesting hub in here with a good and attractive pics of van shoes.