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Buy Watch Winders

Updated on November 10, 2010

Being one of the more popular winders, The Diplomat Wood Double Watch Winder doubles as a display case that showcases your timepieces in sophisticated white leather.

For those people who are into their watches, they know that automatic watches are among the most magnificent pieces of craftwork possible.  All of the intricacies that go into creating a quality automatic watch are just plain remarkable.  The downside is that this feature which, before the invention of the quartz movement, was so convenient in keeping accurate time without having to wind a watch has now become a burden.  And since most horologists (watch enthusiasts) have more than one automatic watch, the task becomes nearly impossible.  It's for the reason that so many people rely on watch winders to maintain their luxury timepieces for them. 

If you'd like to know a little bit more about watch winders, or perhaps you're in the market to buy watch winders, check out our tips and reviews.

Some General Tips on Watch Winders

There are a number of different watch winders on the market with some being much cheaper than others.  And while the old adage: "You get what you pay for" usually rings true, it's never more apparent than with watch winders.  You may wonder why certain winders cost more (with some nearly double the price of others).  This is universally because of the quality of the winder.  While costing a lot more, the expensive watch winders are made with quality components (such as nylon gears that makes the winder much quieter than the cheap versions) and are known to last much longer.  Look at it this way, you or someone that respects you spent a lot of money on a quality luxury watch, why would you cheap out on a watch winder that's only a fraction of that.  Trust me, it's worth the money.

Another practical tip is that watch owning can become an addiction.  Before you know it you have a couple of fine automatic watches.  This being the case, it would be wise to purchase a model that has the ability to wind multiple watches.

Also, watch winders make terrific gifts for watch lovers and even if they already have a single watch winder, chances are they can always use another.  Some of the higher quality models are modular so they can connect and run off of one power chord which is easier and looks better than having a bunch of chords everywhere.

Wolf Watch Winders

One of the more popular brands of winders are the Wolf watch winders.  These winders are known for their quality and ease of operation.  Each model features an elegant design and uses high quality leather and stainless steel to create accent pieces that are also functional.  One of the best reasons to buy Wolf watch winders is that they use nylon gears to reduce the noise heard while operating.  All of Wolf's winders have been designed to be simple and easy to use; merely secure the watch on the watch drum and set it to A, B, or C for clockwise, counter-clockwise or both.  Each winder has a built in sleep phase and pause phase that mimic real watch wearing and the 600 daily rotations ensures that you get complete benefit without stressing the watch.  Wolf offers models that have a cover as well as uncovered models.  And while not necessary, having a cover is worth the peace of mind that your watch is completely protected. 

Where to Buy Watch Winders Online

Whether you're looking to buy a watch winder as a gift, or simply need one for your watch collection, chances are you're going to want to buy watch winders online. They're much easier to find, not to mention cheaper, and it's not really an item you need to try on to like. There are a number of fine watch retailers on the internet that offer accessories such as watch winders. And believe it or not, Amazon has an amazing selection at very affordable prices. You can browse the complete selection here: Buy Watch Winders from Amazon


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      WatchCases 6 years ago from Charlottesville

      Good article. It's true you get what you pay for.