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Buy a Fun Tie Dye Bikini for Summer

Updated on May 20, 2012

When summer rolls around, it's time for hot weather, cars with the tops and windows down and lots of fun.

It's all about the water - from the local pool to icy treats and especially - the beach!

Of course all that heat and all that water means you need one thing ready for your summer fun- a bikini!

And why be like everyone else? Sure, you can go with stripes. Or metallic. Or even a famous brand.

Why not choose something different - a tie dye bikini. These are a great pick if you want something fun and yet still unique and different. And another great thing? No two tie dye bikinis are even alike!

What is Tie Dye?

Tie Dye is a special way of coloring clothing that involves tying the material into a particular shape.

Depending on the look you want for the finished product, you can tie the material in all sorts of different ways, from sausages through to spokes and curls of all types.

Using a range of other products to give the correct effect as well as special dyes, the material is then either soaked, dipped or splashed with dye.

The material is then either washed partly of dye or left to dry as is. When the ties are taken off, the resulting product has a unique pattern based on the way it was created, often with gorgeous patterns mixed through it.

Tie Dye Bikinis

If you're looking for a bikini that is beautiful and vibrant, tie dye is the way to go.

With a fun 'hippy chick' look that says you're carefree and enjoy life, these are sure to be a hit at the beach.

Although traditionally, tie dye is done on a white base (since these are most receptive and hold color best), you'll find that tie dye bikinis are available in a huge range of colors.

Whether you love bright colors such as red and orange, or prefer calmer shades such as blue and green, there is a color to match your beach desires!

If you're looking for more ways to be adventurous with tie dye, try mixing and matching a solid print top or bottom to draw out one of the key colors in the tie dye.

Or, for the really adventurous, you could even mix and match two completely different colors of tye die bikini - although you'll need to be careful that they don't clash!

Be unique and have the only tie dye bikini at the beach this summer - or swap pieces with a friend for an awesome matched look.

Click through on the left to see larger images.

If you love tye-dye but want to avoid too many wild colors in the surf, why not go with a feature item that has tye dye colors? Consider a towel, wrap, sarai or t-shirt to add some extra color to a plain colored bathing suit.


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