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Styles of Long Maxi Dresses

Updated on July 14, 2011

Maxi Dress Styles

This year you want to buy a maxi dress because you have seen all those gorgeous girls wearing them and now, you just have to have one. There are many places online where you can buy a maxi dress for a decent price. The only thing you have to worry about is, which style? And, what colour?

There is a maxi dress for all occasions, if you were thinking that maxi dresses were only for summer garden parties then you were wrong. With maxi dresses being so popular now, you can find a style for just about any occasion.

Floral prints are quite in now too and a long maxi dress looks beautiful with a bright, large floral pattern. Buy a maxi dress with a big floral pattern to impress the neighbours when they invite you for a summer garden party.

Strapless maxi dresses seem to be the more fashionable style at the moment but there is also the halter neck maxi dress that is great for accentuating your curves. You could buy a maxi dress in a beautiful, plain white design like the one shown in the picture for a more sophisticated look. The criss cross back makes this one particularly nice.

If you love the maxi dress so much you could also buy a long sleeve maxi dress to go for a more conservative look. The long sleeve maxi dresses tend to be in more neutral colours such as greys and browns and if dressed up right could even be great for work depending on your job.

A maxi dress with a plunging neckline is also beautiful. This style of neck usually goes with the halter neck style maxi dress but you can also find varying styles such as the half length sleeve style that is pictured below.

A maxi dress can also be great for pregnant women wanting to hide their bump. All that fabric and all those big prints help to reduce the look of a pregnancy bump and provide a natural maternity style without actually being 'maternity'. Maxi dresses are also good if you are fed up with always having something digging in to your bump such as a belt or an elasticated waist band.

And then there is the almost completely backless maxi dress that takes a little more courage to actually wear out. But if you love to totally be the centre of all attention then a backless style maxi dress is the perfect way of going about it.


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