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Buy a Mens Reversible Belt Online

Updated on October 27, 2009

Why a Reversible Belt?

 Whenever you are travelling, you don't want to be packing the kitchen sink. A two tone reversible belt lets you match your belt with any colour clothing you choose. It is particularly useful on business trips where you need to look sharp with carry on luggage only.

It is a simple concept but when you think about it there is no reason for a belt to be a single color. You can only see one side at any one time so rather than waste this space, another color can be used. All that is required is a reversible buckle and you have two belts in one.

Buying a Reversible Belt Online

 Belts are a perfect product to buy online. Sizing is simple as you just use your usual waist measurement. The next step is to choose a belt width that suits your style.

Once you know the width and the style its just a matter of browsing until you find a buckle you like.

If you are not the kind of person who enjoys endless hours wandering the mall, this is the way to buy a belt and be back watching the football in five minutes.


Calvin Klein Reversible Plaque Belt

 Not only does this belt offer both brown and black leather, the buckle has a swivel feature that changes its appearance as well.

The Calvin Klein branding is prominently displayed in a black band on the silver buckle. If this is doesn't match your look, it can be flipped to a more subtle uncolored engraving leaving a classic silver buckle.

Stylish and practical, this is the only belt you will need on a trip away.

Kenneth Cole 'Reaction'

 Kenneth Cole make heaps of reversible belts.

This product, the 'Reaction' has a classic casual buckle and the usual black / brown coloring.

This belt can usually be picked up for around $30 making this a very smart buy.

Kenneth Cole 'Waldorf'

 For a more contemporary look the 'Waldorf' is a good choice.

Again you get the black to brown flip and 100% leather.

This casual belt can accessorise your suit during the day and your jeans later that night.

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Example of a reversible belt

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