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Buy a SPF Umbrella to Protect You and Your Family from the Sun

Updated on September 28, 2010

Most people these days are aware of the hazards of the sun and have heard the warnings multiple times to protect themselves from it. UV rays are of course thought to increase one's risk of developing skin cancer and it is well-known that they play a large role in premature skin aging and wrinkles.

What can you do to protect you and your family from these risks? Certainly be sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, even on cloudy overcast days and even in the winter. However, this is not the only protection we can offer ourselves these days.

With the relatively new invention of the SPF umbrella, one can receive a whole new layer of protection. The SPF umbrella looks like a regular umbrella except that it is made out of a special UV protection fabric. When under one of these umbrellas, you will be shielded from the sun's rays and can in fact expect to be 10 to 15 degrees cooler!

Where would you use an SPF umbrella?

  • Take an SPF umbrella to the beach, stick it in the sand and enjoy the whole afternoon under it with your family and friends or just by yourself! Imagine leaving the beach without a sunburn for a change and with the peace of mind that you have really limited your exposure to those harmful UV rays. Obviously the larger size you buy, the more people you'll be able to fit underneath. A beach SPF umbrella is great for allowing your kids to safely build sand castles underneath while you take a nap beside them.

  • You can also find a SPF umbrella designed for taking on the golf course with you. The idea here is that on an open course, there are not many trees and not much shade. With a golf SPF umbrella, you create your own shade! Most of these are pretty light-weight and easy to carry but keep in mind that sometimes the higher quality ones will be a bit heavier.


  • The SPF umbrella also can be found in a convenient travel size! These are obviously great for packing away and taking on your travels without compromising too much room in your suitcase. The last thing you want it to get a nasty sunburn while you're on vacation because it is one of those things that can really ruin it!


What protection options exist for the SPF umbrella?

As with sunscreen, SPF umbrellas are available in a wide range of SPFs. Generally they range from about 30 SPF all the way to 100 SPF and possibly even higher. Clearly, SPF umbrellas with a higher SPF rating offer more sun protection than those with a lower SPF rating.

  • Note: Most SPF umbrellas are relatively wind-resistant too. As with anything though, you get what you pay for and if you're looking for extra wind-resistance, you might have to pay for it.

How long will my SPF umbrella last?

There's no reason why your umbrella couldn't last you a very long time, perhaps even a lifetime but as with anything, it depends on wear and tear. Before you purchase your SPF umbrella online, check to see what the manufacturer guarantee is if this is something that concerns you.


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    • PurpleOne profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Canada

      FirstStepsFitness - Oh my, that would for sure take more co-ordination than I have! Thanks for the comment. :)

    • FirstStepsFitness profile image


      8 years ago

      Great topic very informative ! Leaving my favorite cafe I spotted one very brave young woman riding a bike holding an umbrella with a backpack no less .


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