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Buy a Sexy Striped Bikini for Summer Fun

Updated on July 24, 2014

During the warm months of summer the last thing you want to do is stay indoors.

And why should you? There are thousands of reasons to get out of the house and have some fun in the sun, of course.

Whether you love summer for the revealing outfits, the sports or the icy cold treats, the number one thing on most minds during the hot months is - water.

If you live near the beach you're very lucky. During the summer months you get the chance to go down to the beach whenever you wish.

But of course there's one important thing you need to consider when planning your beach trips for the summer - your bikini! Without it you won't be able to make the splash on the beach you that you want, so prepare to find a new funky style for your hot summer wardrobe!

Two Tone Stripes

Stripes are an old fashioned and yet always in style pattern for your perfect beach bikini.

They come in a huge range of styles but they can easily be broken into several groups.

Two tone stripes are fun if you love a certain color but don't want a solid color bikini.

So instead of ending up with a boring black bikini, go with a white and black striped one for maximum effect.

Or if you prefer something out there, go for two completely opposite colors. Try blue and orange OR if for a watermelon effect try green and hot pink!

Multi Color Stripes

If you want a bikini that is vibrant and eye catching, multicolor is your answer.

There are many beautiful styles available ranging from basic rainbow shades through to gorgeous splashes of color that look like they were ripped right out of an artist's studio!

It's also easy to find a stand out color to match with your accessories.

Simply go with a bikini that has two stripes in the same tone - for instance a light and dark blue striped bikini, with pinks and greens in it, will be bright and beautiful while still matching all your blue accessories!

Solid & Striped

Do you love stripes but feel they're a little too hard on your eyes, or maybe just too bright? You still have options!

A bikini set with a solid color bottom and striped bikini top makes for a great looking piece of summer swimwear.

You can easily mix and match your striped bikini tops with a plain color bottom, simply basing the bottom piece off a single color in the top half.

This also means that one bikini top can turn into dozens of different swimwear ideas. Do you have four colors in your striped bikini? Match a solid set of bottoms in each stripe color for four completely different looks!


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