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Buy a Watch on eBay

Updated on October 28, 2011

eBay Watches

Owning a watch offers timekeeping opportunities rivaled only by your microwave, cell phone, computer, iPod, iPad, iPot, and probably 15 or 20 devices built into your car. No other chronological device wraps around your wrist as well as a watch.

Watches can often be difficult to shop for. The challenges of browsing aisle after aisle of seemingly identical devices at Watch World often outweigh the shopper's euphoria concomitant with the eventual purchase.

We're here to help. Surprisingly, the eBay web site offers numerous watches on a daily basis. The Internet never sleeps and neither do our auctioning friends at They tirelessly toil to provide a deep and wide variety for your shopping and bidding pleasure. We present just a few examples from the eBay cornucopia of chronology: jump in and start bidding!

Bid on a Women's Watch

Women struggled mighty diligently for the right to tell time. No self-respecting woman would dare venture into the cutthroat business world without a watch designed and engineered especially for her delicate wrist. The lower forearm of a women seems perfectly suited for carrying a compact timepiece mounted into a delicate retaining band.

Timex makes a really good watch, but women typically prefer a more fashionable brand such as Rolex or Sears. Take time from your busy day to stop and smell the roses, then order a new watch for the women in your life. Get them each one: they won't want to share.

Bid on Men's Watches

Macho men love watches. They appreciate the sun glinting off a massive gold band as they cast their fishing rod or polish their Lamborghini. They love to know what time it is, so they don't miss the Super Bowl.

When shopping for a manly man's timepiece, focus on a massive device that securely connects to a masculine wrist via manly leather or semi-precious metal. Look for more than simply the time: select a unit that presents date, latitude/longitude, temperature in Sydney, London, and Prague, and also winds itself each time the wearer casts his fishing rod or polishes his Lamborghini.

LED watches are OK: some men prefer a retro 70's look that matches their bell bottoms and Grateful Dead t-shirts.

Bid on Children's Watches

Make your children love you by giving them watches engineered to appeal to their little demographic. Nothing excites a child more than a novelty watch that matches their favorite TV show and the toy they get when they eat at McDonald's.

No child wants to be left behind in the wristwatch fashion wars. The kids with the coolest watches get promoted faster and eventually accepted to exclusive elementary schools. Shop eBay for classic kid's watches that will make your kids' lives that much easier.

Bid on a Sports Watch

The most coolest watches on eBay must be sports watches. This type of watch keeps track of your heart rate as well as the time of day and current altitude. You will have a better chance of winning at your chosen sport when you sport this watch on your well-toned forearm.

Every worthwhile sports watch includes an extremely durable case. Expect your case to resist water whether it arrives in the form of a torrential downpour from the Heavens or crashing waves from icy cold North Atlantic squalls. Your case provides protection to your high-tech electronics and mechanics.

Bid on an antique watch

Some things never change. The time changes, but some other things never change. One thing that never changes is love that we all have for antiques. An antique watch, many of which are currently available on eBay, adds cachet and gravitas to an otherwise blase wrist.

Donning just the right antique timekeeper may get you a better seat at an upscale restaurant or The Antiques Road Show. Watches open very many doors: a lame $19.95 Timex cannot compare to a cloisonne-encrusted turn of the century Victorian chronograph once owned by a famous radio personality of the 1920's. Bid on some antique watches before your social standing slips precariously.

Bid on finger watches

Wearing a watch on your wrist is a great thing for your wrist, but your fingers may feel slighted. Alleviate that situation by bidding on finger watches. Fortunately, eBay stocks numerous auctions centered around watches with really small bands that fit snugly on human digits.

This stuff is serious bling. Rock stars and reality TV trial lawyers love finger watches. You'll stand out from the average watch-wearing crowd. When a stranger asks you for the time, simply give them your watch finger: they're sure to have a reaction.

Bid on calculator watches

The guy who invented Pringles is jealous of the guy who invented the calculator watch. You can't invent it, but you can wear one or four on your forearms. You can join in the calculator watch craze that is sweeping Computer Science departments at major universities all across Silicon Valley.

Add, subtract, divide, and multiply real numbers with deceptive ease. Calculate tips at expensive restaurants. Compute pi and other transcendental values while your friends are trying to figure out where their car keys are. It's all on your wrist.

Bid on elegant watches

Sometimes you want a watch that doesn't look like a watch. Sure, it should tell the time, but at first glance, as you sashay from the limo to the red carpet, it should appear as a chunk of fine jewelry. When you do need the current time, it should be so challenging to decipher that you eventually give up and look at your cell phone.

It should have fillets and rounds and divots and no symmetry whatsoever. A standard clock, obviously circular, doesn't imply that your elegant watch should offer up anything remotely similar.

Numbers? You don't need no boring numbers. Each hourly increment on the face should be accented with an obscure semi-precious gem or a dramatically swooped carbuncle. Jump into the eBay bidding and own your own elegantly fashionable watch.

Don't miss out on the fun

Sign up for a free eBay account and start bidding. It's easy and fun!


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    • profile image

      Derdriu 6 years ago

      Nicomp: Thank you for such a careful examination of the watch offerings. You have made it easy for me to select two each of all of the watches - except for the men's and children's - to festoon both ankles and one wrist. The space on the other wrist is saved for the bracelet which I will make from one of your junk coin recommendations.

      Hooting and hollering still as I vote up, etc.,


    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @drbj : Always wave with all 5 fingers.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 6 years ago from south Florida

      Thank you, nicomp, for this wighty, worthy wellspring of watch lore. One caution to those who wear the ring watch. Do not wear said watch on your middle finger. Else when displaying the time to others they mistake your bit of non-verbal language as an epithet.