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Buy Starcraft 2 Shirt

Updated on December 12, 2011
One of the many starcraft shirts from jinx
One of the many starcraft shirts from jinx | Source

Starcraft 2 Clothes on Amazon

Buying Starcraft 2 T-Shirts

Looking to spice up your game? If you've come here looking for starcraft 2 Apparel then you are in the right place! The Jim Raynor in his signature black marine with a tinge of yellow has made it to the clothes rack.

There are a wide variety of spin offs from the soon to be best selling game Starcraft 2 and one of them happens to involve apparel that you can don on. They have been printed out from places like Hot Topic or Jinx. It is not too hard now to get it from them, with international shipping from Amazon as well as their style of keeping "tee-shirt" and clothing prices low and affordable. Whether you're now an expatriate stuck playing against lag and latency since you bought the North American game in Europe or vice versa, at least your t shirts won't have the troublesome battlenet DRM! Those starcraft 2 t-shirts can be bought and worn anywhere, offline or 'online'!

If you're wondering about the name jinx if you have not heard it before, no it is not the jinx that is found in the dictionary that refers to people getting cursed! They have sold pretty popular sets of clothing that lasts pretty well, through wear and tear and numerous washings.

Jinx has been a company that is well known for releasing many official World of Warcraft themed shirts that have made their way to the streets of locales wherever there are people who play WoW. They also have collections for many popular games. And now they have starcraft II shirts to appease their Blizzard fans. You can choose to buy their Starcraft 2 apparel and likewise Starcraft 2 themed clothes from mega retailers like Amazon which stock them at the same prices as if you would buy direct, but Amazon does have the advantages of flexible and more comprehensive international shippings as well as a strong brand and reputation backing it. Just for starcraft II they also stock keychains and stickers. One of the more humorous shirts I saw was the legalize Stim Packs shirt.

Jinx does have more restrictions if you order from their website, like less clothes for ladies, depending on when sales are carried out, sometimes Jinx has better discounts, sometimes Amazon has the better discount.

I guess one could throw in the usb dogtag over the stim pack shirt, and add a keychain that shows the race emblem, e.g. Protoss Icon on their bags or other apparel!

Other clothing brands are also available for the Starcraft 2 shirts. As mentioned earlier there is Hot Topic which can also be found on Amazon. You can also find lots of funny starcraft shirts!

They all sit in at around 19 - 22 dollars so that is about the aggregate price of most clothes these days, especially for T-shirts.

It is possible that after time has passed they would release more quirky designs, but hey a shirt in the hand is better than two in the bush!

These shirts can double up as birthday presents or christmas gifts to those you love. That of course presumes your target recipient is into starcraft 2!

It has respectable value at a good price of skipping a few trips to the nearest starbucks. Amazon may even occasionally have seasonal shipping discounts that can bring prices down, like shopping for Christmas deals and stuff like that!

Eventually the Starcraft 2 expansion will come out and they will make more shirts for that. One could always wait for those


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