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Buying Authentic Watches Online

Updated on September 2, 2012

Why buy a watch online vs. in a store?

Where do you buy your wrist watches? These days, many watch shoppers prefer to buy from an online store instead of a brick and mortar store. Why is this so? A lot depends on the person’s personal preference for a shopping style or simply because of the possible pricing difference. However, there are several differences in shopping online and in a brick and mortar store when shopping particularly for wrist watches. Some of the best deals for watches can be found online if you know where to look, but are they authentic as well? Lets look at some of the popular reasons why people buy watches online or offline.

Omega Men's Constellation Champagne Dial Watch
Omega Men's Constellation Champagne Dial Watch

Differences between buying online and offline

There are pros and cons to buying a watch, or any other item, from a website store or in person. Some people prefer the traditional shopping method of buying a watch because they can see it in person, touch it, and maybe even see how it looks on their wrist or matches a favorite outfit.

Other people would rather buy a watch online from a trusted online merchant because it is very convenient to shop from the comfort of your own living room. However, you must understand that it is hard to choose a watch when the image may not show exactly everything about the watch.

But there is the advantage of being able to compare prices online quickly and easily by going to shopping websites to compare watches and places to buy them. Plus, if you are shopping for a gift, you can have it gift wrapped and mailed directly to the recipient, which is also very easy and convenient.

Be careful when Buying Watches online or offline

If if looks like a fake, Feels like a fake, priced like a fake, it is probably fake. STAY AWAY!

Some of the cons to shopping online are that you have to be on the lookout for replica or fake brand name watches. If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is. That’s why you should only shop at well known websites or at the website of the watch manufacturer. Also look for websites that say "Authorized Reseller of ____ Brand Watches" This means they are approved by a particular Manufacturer. This way you know your products are real.

I have provided some examples of watches from >>> is a very reliable website to purchase watches from. They have a verification process for each seller. That process only allows specific businesses who qualify, to sell watches due to there being a lot of fakes out there. I always check out their prices as they are a trusted seller.

Be sure you know the normal price range for the name brand watch you are looking for and then you will be better prepared to find it online if you prefer online shopping. Some of the famous brands of watches that are often copied include Rolex, Calvin Klein, Casio, Ferrari, or Tag Heuer.

If you go to their manufacturer’s website they can sometimes give you tips for insuring the watch that you buy either offline or online is the real thing, as just because you buy it offline at a regular brick and mortar store doesn’t always mean it is the real thing either. When in doubt, ask the store if you can bring in a reputable person to examine the watch. If they say no, it’s likely it is a fake.

Authorized to sell Movado Watches

Click on the above picture to view the Movado Watch page on Amazon. You can see that they are an Authorized seller
Click on the above picture to view the Movado Watch page on Amazon. You can see that they are an Authorized seller

Why I shop online for my watches

I have bought and sold many watches through many avenues on the internet. Personally, I always try to go to Zales or whatever Jewelry store and actually try on the real watch in person. Ask any/all questions to a store associate. Sometimes I might even take notes like watch weight, watch serial/products numbers, and color combinations.

Once I am satisfied with the watch and about to buy it, I put it back in the case and go home to do my homework. I price around at many places online to see who has the best deal. I make sure all the numbers, colors, and weights match up. I also might check to see if I can get any coupons for the specific website or wait until a holiday season comes just so I can get an extra discount on my authentic watch.

Basically, try it on in the store, and check it out. Then go home and price it out, and buy it online. It will be cheaper more often then not. We often forget that online stores don't have the overhead that a retail store does. Instead they can pass along the savings to us, the consumers. There are also tons of competitors easily accessible online, so their prices need to beat their competition!

Also, I have been recently thinking about those shipping fees. It currently costs me about $0.10 per mile to drive my brand new fuel efficient car at these gas prices. So if I drive 30 minutes to the Mall to buy a watch, that is about $6 in gas round trip. $6 is about what it would cost me to ship a watch directly to my house! Perhaps I should save the gas ?

Should I buy a Watch online?

It may be easier for the younger generation to buy their watches online since they seem to use the Internet more than their grandparents, for instance. The younger gen. also might be able to spot the spoof/fake website more easily as well. However, ultimately, it is really personal preference as to whether someone chooses to buy a watch online or offline at a regular store.

There is no right or wrong answer and it depends on your preferred shopping style. There are advantages and disadvantages of either method, as we have discussed. It could be a good idea to combine the two types of shopping. In this way you can look at lots of different watches online and get an idea of the brand and type that you want and the prices for it.

Then, take a list of your choices to a local watch shop or department store and see if they can give it to you for a better price. Often, this will be the case since they will want your business. Plus, buying local will help support your local economy.

The bottom line is that watches can be bought either on the Internet or at a brick and mortar store and whichever one you use, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the items you are buying and be sure you are getting a legitimate product at the best possible deal.

Happy watch shopping!


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