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Best Place to Buy Cheap Medical Scrubs Online

Updated on August 4, 2011

Buying Scrubs Online

Buying medical scrubs in the store always seems so blah. First and foremost, if you buy your scrubs at walmart, they always come in a bland blue or green color. If you buy your scrubs at a uniform store, they tend to be a bit pricey. Buying hospital scrubs online is probably the best option to get something much more stylish, while at the same time saving you a bit of money as well.

Cheap Unisex Scrub Tops

Amazon has a great deal on cheap scrub tops for only $4.99. There are 15 colors available including aqua, black, blue, wine, khaki, green, red and more. Sizes range from x-small to xxx-large. This is pretty much as basic as scrub tops get. There's 1 pocket on the top left, 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. If you're looking for something cheap and simple, this top will do just fine.

Cheap Unisex Scrub Bottoms

Be sure to check the color chart on the Amazon page to view what colors are available per the sizes available. For example, the large sized scrubs don't have the same available colors as the x-large. However, if you're looking for basic scrub bottoms, these are what you should go with. They are cheap, durable, and look perfectly fine. I've been using these pants for the past 3 years at my job. They wash easily, but the only downfall is that they run a bit big, so I'd go with a size smaller than you normally would go with.

Stylish Womens Scrub Top

If the same old bland scrub tops don't really do it for you, try some of the more stylish scrub tops available. They are always going to be a bit more pricey than the ordinary scrubs, but the look more than makes up for it.

Try to avoid anything with cartoon characters or pictures on them. They make you look old-ladyish. Plus a lot of hospitals are doing away with scrubs like that, and prefer a solid colored look. Multiple colors are available for each set as well.

Stylish Womens Scrub Sets

Buying scrubs by the set guarantees that the colors of the tops and bottoms match accordingly. Normally it's not a big deal if the colors are off just a bit, these are work clothes after all. However, buying a set can also be a bit cheaper than buying both a top and bottom separate and the materials will match as well.

Unisex Scrub Set

Again, here is a scrub set that's very cheap, and you won't have to pay separate shipping for the top and the bottoms. These are unisex, so men can get theirs as well. However, when it comes to mens scrubs, there isn't much for style. Feel free to Browse the rest of the scrubs available to see if anything pleases you.


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