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Buying Authentic Chanel Handbags On eBay

Updated on April 6, 2014

Authentic Chanel Handbags On Ebay

One great things about Chanel is that they come out with at least some new bags every season. It is very possible to get your own exquisite Chanel handbag or purse and never in your whole life see anyone else carrying the exact same purse.

You may seek a jumbo lambskin shopping tote, a pink quilted clutch bag, a quilted classic flap purse, or a python tassel shoulder bag you will likely find one for a nicely discounted cost on eBay.

Ebay makes a serious effort to make sure the Chanel handbags sold at a discount online are authentic. I think that, as much as they may try, not all the Chanel handbags advertised on eBay are authentic.

You must know the old story, if it is too good to be true it probably is, if it is too low price to be real it is probably phony. Not that some people do not start auctions low to get an increased price when bidders compete to get the handbag they are loving.

Some of the fake bags traded online are sewn very well. They will have the hologram with the serial number on the bag and the serial number on the card that comes with the purse and they even match. They will have the original looking cloth protective sack and the printed pamphlet, yet this too is phony.

One route you can use to make sure you wind up with an authentic vintage or even newer Chanel handbag when shopping on eBay is to ask the seller a lot of questions. Where did they get the bag? For how long have they owned the purse? Will they agree to send extra pictures? Do they offer a written guarantee of authenticity? Not only a certificate of authenticity, that can be falsified too, but a written money back guarantee.

Any honest eBay seller has gone through a lot of effort and expense to build their good reputation. This reputation is valuable to them. A genuine vendor has nothing to hide so will gladly give you answers to any questions. When you get answers that are confusing this should call forth warning signs.

In The End your risk in buying discounted vintage Chanel bags is low if you are careful and do your homework before buying. When you pay always use a credit card through pay pal so you have 2 additional ways to dispute your purchase and get your cash back if you get a bogus bag.

Coco Chanel is known, nearly first and last, as a designer of timeless style with truly understated elegance. As a result your Chanel handbag will be exquisite now and probably forever. You can buy great discounted vintage Chanel handbags on eBay.

Shop For Chanel Handbags on eBay

Authentic Vintage Chanel Handbag

Only Buy Authentic Chanel Handbags
Only Buy Authentic Chanel Handbags

Celebrities Love Authentic Vintage Chanel Handbags

Get an Authentic Chanel Handbag. You will LOVE it!
Get an Authentic Chanel Handbag. You will LOVE it!

What Do Real Chanel Handbags Look Like Inside?

Busting the Fake Chanel Bag from the Real

Every girl needs to have a best friend, and when it comes to doing Saturday errands or running from one meeting to another, the perfect bag is a Godsend. On top of a bag that functions properly, it should also be a bag which is able to complete your look. The Chanel bags fit the description perfectly. Naturally, these bags have gained notoriety among women everywhere and are extremely sought after. However, just like with everything else that is very much desired, there are a lot of knock-offs in the market. At the same time, because of the value of these bags, it's also crucial that owners know how to take care of their bags.

Knowing the Fake from the Real

Unless you were buying the Chanel bag from a Chanel store, then you need to keep your eyes peeled for signs that you may be seconds away from being duped into buying a fake. Fortunately, the real Chanel bag is the objectification of workmanship perfection. At the same time, the house of Chanel only makes use of the best materials which also allows you to set it apart from the cheap knock-offs.

Wrapping. Every Chanel bag should come in a dust bag and not in plastic foils. It would be a travesty when such skins as lambskin or caviar leather, exquisite and fragile, come wrapped in abrasive plastic foils. This just isn't done.

Skins. When it comes to the skin used in making the bag, you would need to feel the material for you to ascertain if the Chanel bag is real or not. Of course, the fakes are made of PVC material which is harsher and tougher compared to the delicate skins used by the Chanel.

Stitching. If it's a real Chanel bag, then the workmanship has to be impeccable. The stitching then has to be continuous and without any breaks. Even the patterns should be continuous as well. However, a knock-off would not put in as much effort into the workmanship and it's easy to find breaks in stitching and patterns.

Hardware. Chanel bags are known for their CC pendants and chain straps. However, the hardware, if the Chanel bag really is original, should be made of only either gold or silver. And if gold is used with the chains, the rest of the hardware should be gold as well. Also, try to weigh the hardware on your palms. They should have considerable weight, like there's nothing hollow at the middle of these pieces.

Overlapping CC. It seems like the overlapping CC pattern of the Chanel bag is difficult to perfect. In a real Chanel bag, the topmost left C should overlap with the topmost right C while the bottom right C should overlap with the bottom left C. The overlapping could be done inappropriately on a fake or it might not even exist at all. And it also pays to take a look at the made in stamp since Chanel bags are only made in Italy and France, not Hong Kong, China or Paris.

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White Authentic Vintage Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag

I love this authentic Chanel Bag
I love this authentic Chanel Bag

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Only Real Chanel Handbags

There are many women out there who will tell you that their purse is the most important material thing to them. They will tell if their house burns down and they can only save one material thing, it would be their purse. This is because a lot of women see their purses as a part of them, and most women are willing to make an investment for their purses. It’s like people and their cell phones; you shop around for a cell phone until you find the right one for you. You don’t just pick the first one you run into, no, you wait until you find the one that looks good, feels good, and you know it is the right one for you. This is the way women will look at a Chanel caviar handbag, when it comes to buying a real Chanel shopping tote.

There are many different angles that one needs to look at when it comes to buying one of these beauties. You can’t just run down to Wal-Mart and expect to walk out with a real Chanel handbag; and I don’t even think they carry the fake ones anyway. You are going to have to search around for a real Chanel shopping tote.

Chanel is known for some of the greatest handbags ever created (you should know this), but quite possible the symbol of her company is the classic Chanel quilted handbag. That handbag has just about the same impact as the golden arches of McDonalds does, you see the arches, and you know what it is. It’s the same way with the classic Chanel quilted handbag, when you see it, you know it’s Chanel. Other purse and handbag companies tremble in fear when they are in the presence of the classic Chanel.

Chanel Fashion Bags

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